Rustic chic farmhouse in Baix Empordà

Today we bring to you this gorgeous farmhouse discovered on Elle Decor, from the 18th century that is situated in Baix Empordà, a county in Catalonia, Spain. The residence was meticulously recovered by their owners, antique dealers and gallerists Luis Sendio and James Valenti. Infused with rustic chic style and exquisite taste, unique treasures of antiques, a delightful cocktail of art and twentieth century designer furnishings are displayed throughout. Original details have been preserved throughout, such as wooden beams and stone flooring. High ceilings create an open and airy feeling and ample windows brings in plenty of natural light. What do you think of this incredible home restoration?

Photos: P. Zuloaga

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11 years ago

Just wanted to say that these photos of this house in Span our AMAZING! I loved it so much, i “pinned” them on my pinterest page. I gave you full credit, of course. I added the web link, in case you wanted to see them.

Thanks for posting.