Sao Paulo dwelling gets a sensational facelift

This incredible home transformation that we bring to you today discovered on Casa Abril is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Designed by interior designer and owner Ana Maria Queiroga, the need for a facelift was to help meet the demands of the busy designer and her husband. The young couple needed a place for pets and a small corner where they could rehearse, since he is a musician and she accompanies him on vocals. They are also planning on expanding their family with a baby on the way. The couple searched for a year and a half for the perfect house, when they came across this 2, 368 square foot (220 square meters) home that was in relatively good condition. The home needed some work, so seven months later, spending $124,000 in addition to $45,000 worth of furniture and objects, the home became complete. The living room wall peeled back to reveal exposed original bricks of 60 years. In the social areas, ipe replaced the original stone flooring. With plenty of striking colors, old pieces mixed with new and a plethora of charming details, the ending result was a home that displayed tons of personality, inside and out.

São Paulo House-14-1 Kind Design

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