Glass and concrete dream house in Barcelona

This fascinating home in Barcelona, Spain has been designed by architect Luis Alonso, of Alonso Balaguer, for his own personal residence, mixing elements of glass, air and concrete. The architects dream was to create a space that is infused with natural light and allow the inhabitants to be connected with each other no matter where there are in the home. The only way to have continuity of the space is having transparency of the floors. With six floors, the house is articulated through backyards that visually connects the spaces through the transparent facade.

The previous 100-year old home on the lot was purchased in 2002 and torn down to rebuild this visually stunning residence. It took 18 months to construct this 26-foot wide mini-mansion of 6,400 square feet (600 square meters). The floors consist of a living and dining room encompassing the first floor, a floor for the architect’s daughter with a personalized, Mondrian-inspired multicolored “tree-house” bed, a self-enclosed space incorporating bookshelves and lighting. The third level contains the master bedroom, a fourth level houses guest rooms and the architect’s wife has offices on the top floor that seem to float. Additionally, there are two subterranean floors, one of them features a gym with a lap pool and a media room and below that is a garage. There are two terraces outdoors that are vegetated with bamboo, bougainvillea and jasmine plants.

Glass is a consistent theme throughout the home, as is color, with each floor boasting a representative tone with a series of furniture (designed by the architect himself) in their corresponding color. The exterior awning also follows this pattern. The graphic design is also a continuing presence throughout, doors have recorded the number of each plant and the shadow of the little house is drawn on the wall of the garage. Via

Interested in any of the furniture you see displayed in this home? They can be found here and here.

Visit the website of Catalan architecture company Alonso Balaguer here.

Photos: Stefano Buonamici and Alonso Balaguer

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12 years ago

Gorgeous house. I love the staircase and lots of books and bookshelves..