A floating bedroom in a cleverly designed studio

A floating bedroom, what a novel idea! The house is staged as a floating island suspended from the ceiling, an amazing transformation of a former artist’s studio in Montrouge, in the suburbs of Paris. With an area of 538 square feet (50 meters square), every square inch has been efficiently designed by ECDM Architects.

From the architects: “the transformation of the former workshop of artist through 50 m2, characterized by a false double height on half of its surface, is above all strategic. In response to the request of the contracting authority to create a full house, the project proposes to evade this constraint by positioning in the center of the volume a suspended box that generates situations of use both comedy and disconcerting.”

“The bedroom, connoted as the archetype of privacy, intimacy, becomes an object of curiosity by transgressing its symbolic value, appearing like an anomaly. Open and visible from the entry, it stands for huge inhabited furniture. Facing the dining room, it can be used as a “bumrest” or a bench.”

“Suspended right in the center of the apartment, leaving untouched the floor and the circulations around, it divides the space, reversing the perception of the atmosphere in the apartment by making private what is usually not: the living room. The suspended box is made of a metallic structure (section 40 x 40 mm) covered with wooden panels. The cube – as well as the floor, the walls and the ceiling, has been painted with a white polyurethane resin.”

Photos: © Gaston Bergeret

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