House nestled in a wooded nature reserve

The Portuguese firm Correia Ragazzi has completed the building “Casa no Geres” in Canicada, Portugal in 2006. The existing ruins on the site were reconstructed for a couple and their grown up children and extended for use as a weekend retreat. The 1,614 square foot (150 square meters) residence is located on a 4,060 square meters plot with special morphological features.

The home is nestled in the middle of a wooded nature reserve directly on the Cavado River, an exceptional location with wonderful views from the interior. The architects were careful not to cut down any trees during the construction process. The elongated building is built as a weightless intervention enhanced by the overhanging part that shoots off the riverbank cliff maximizes the transparent appearance from the main river, on the other hand, from the main access it appears diminished as its half buried.

Block-like steps lead up to the glass entrance of the concrete house. Numerous windows flank the sides of the home, a link between the living quarters and the surrounding nature is created through this transparency. The living room leads to a small terrace, with views out onto the river, the main draw for this retreat. Via

Visit the website of architecture firm Correia Ragazzi here.




Photos: Luis Ferreira Alves, Juan Rodriguez

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