Sustainably designed home in Singapore: 45 Faber Park

The sustainably designed 45 Faber Park completed by architecture firm ONG & ONG is located in Singapore. The clients for this project are a couple with three young children. Their main goal was to maximize outdoor space whilst not compromising living areas. It was therefore essential that there would be sufficient space for the children to play outdoors as well as indoors. The overall concept, derived from the client’s requirements, was to create a living space open to the outdoors in a clean contemporary aesthetic.

The 6,372 square feet (592 square meters) building would need to allow for fluid movement between each space within and perform as a sustainable mechanism. In order to maximize space, the idea of pushing the mass of the building into the corner of the plot was developed. The concept of defining the bedroom areas and activity spaces as separate elements allowed for the final scheme to be reached. From the exterior, each element appears as a separate entity, however internally these have a strong connection to each other.

A colossal, spiral staircase greets one in the immaculate interior, forming the main focal point of the entire house. The staircase leads from the social spaces to the private spaces upstairs where there is a quiet family room which leads to a green roof terrace providing additional outdoor space. In line with the eco-theme, a skylight was constructed at the basement which enables natural sunlight to stream in. The client requested for as much greenery as possible, therefore, much of the landscape was left untouched except for a big lap pool with timber slabs on the sides functioning as the sun deck.

45 Faber Park-07-1 Kind Design

45 Faber Park-008-1 Kind Design

Photos: Derek Swalwell, Tim Nolan

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Truly amazing! That staircase is more a work of art than anything. Wonderful photography!