The ultimate floating house

This unique home was designed by architect Robert Oshatz, who had it constructed off site and brought in by a barge to dock at its mooring site. The neighboring houses along the Willamette River of Portland, Oregon are in close proximity to the home, so the style of the house was contrived to allow for privacy. The 2,364 square foot home was designed as an open floor plan with a second story loft, allowing the homeowners a minimalistic style and the ability to move freely throughput the space. The curvilinear ceiling is constructed of Douglas fir and the roof is finished with copper tiles. To keep the home afloat, the foundation of the home was made up of 34 by 80-foot locally sourced Douglas fir logs, with rigid foam cubes placed under the logs to keep the home level. Cedar shingles decorate the home’s exterior surfaces. The living space features a floor to ceiling glass panel that slides open to allow uninterrupted views of the river.

Visit the website of Robert Oshatz here.

The large expanse of sliding glass windows, with curved glass above, allows unobtrusive views of the river.

Brazilian cherry wood floors and stairs radiate warmth throughout the interior spaces.

The master retreat and bath are the only rooms located on the second floor loft to allow for privacy.

In keeping with the minimalistic style of the home, built-in cabinets and storage were created.

Photos: Cameron Neilson

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Name Withheld
11 years ago

The curves of the house are reminiscent of ships’ hulls and ocean waves. It’s the closest thing you can get to living on a cruise ship.