Striking modern residence piercing the deserts of Arizona

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This modern residence is a winter retreat offering fabulous mountain views, designed by architect Marmol Radziner and built by 180 Degrees, located in the arid desert of Scottsdale, Arizona. The form and location of the home were selected based on two natural washes that flood the rocky terrain surrounding the property. Entrance into the home is along a pathway that passes through a stone wall and into a a well-maintained desert landscaping. The main living area is like a modern pavilion, with horizontal roof planes and raised decks that extends the space into the rugged desert. Just beyond the open concept kitchen is an outdoor fireplace and grill, ready for use all through the year! Just beyond the kitchen are two home offices that have been stacked on top of each other, allowing for individual privacy. The living room overlooks the swimming pool and surrounding desert landscape and is open to the dining room. Sliding glass panels expands this space up to an outdoor dining space, so the homeowners can enjoy dining al fresco.

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The living room provides access to a glass bridge that leads to a private guest suite, which traverses over one of the property’s natural washes. The design of the structure has the main living area elevated, while the guest suite and master bedroom are nestled into the earth, allowing for a more nested environment. Retaining walls comprised of concrete block helps to anchor these spaces into the ground, forming sunken courtyards. The master bedroom roof was engineered to support a future rooftop garden.

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What We Love: The rugged landscape surrounding this modern residence adds to the beauty of this two-story property. With extensive glass windows helping to soak in the arid landscape and the openness of the main living spaces, this is one fabulous retreat that we would love to call home! How about you, would you love to spend your winters in this desert home?

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Photos: Bill Timmerman Photography

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