Le Camp luxury private hideaway in France

Staying at Le Camp in the countryside of Varen, Midi-Pyrénées, France offers travelers a unique holiday experience. The giant yurts offer guests the thrill and adventure of sleeping under a canvas in luxury, without the discomfort of traditional camping. The camp is spread out amongst a peaceful setting of trees and nature abound, a private hideaway with the self-sufficiency of a private villa.

The luxurious yurts offer large handmade beds, soft solar lighting and individually crafted furniture. The spacious tents sit on wooden decking and offer space, privacy and views over the green valley below. The yurts are in an intimate setting, offering seclusion amongst the oak trees. Cook a meal in the open air summer kitchen that is fully equipped to create a home from home experience. Cozy up around the fire pit after dark.

Depending on the season, and the canvas hideaway of your choosing, prices range from $200-$350 per night from here.

“The Snug” offers a place to chill out, play games and read books, relax and get out of the heat.

The showerhouse was designed and built by the owners from locally sourced wood. Immersed amongst the oak trees, it offers a unique indoor/outdoor shower experience. Light, airy and warmed by the sun, the individual shower rooms are spacious and comfortable. The grey water (waster water) gets recycled for landscape irrigation.

Le Camp has a natural 20 meters long swimming pool, one of the first in France. Cleansed only using gravels and plants it is a unique chance to swim with nature in the purest of water. The beach and its surrounding rocks and plants present a wonderful, natural environment.

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