Elok House creatively built with an urban forest

Elok House is an infusion of glass, concrete, steel and timber mixed with natural elements of trees and plants, the ingenious design of Chang Architects. This residence is the result of an owner’s dream, to live in a structure that emulates a natural forest within the forest urbanized city of Singapore. The home features interchangeable rooms that float within a larger volume of space. This mass volume of space fits within the confines of a terrace plot, with a two-story high retaining wall at the back of the home, which boasts a pebbled waterfall extending towards the sky. Below, there is a pond that envelopes the living area for rainwater collection. The design of natural daylighting, as well as abundant variated plant life and water elements, generates a cool dampness in the air, reducing the need for air conditioning and artificial lighting. Beautiful, green and less than a million dollars. Too good to be true? Via

Visit the website of Chang Architects here.

Elok House-10-1 Kind Design

The living area showcases a two-story internal enclosure of fern walls.

Elok House-05-1 Kindesign

Elok House-11-1 Kind Design

The bedrooms feature moss pebble entrances.

Photos: Albert Lim KS

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frederick joswick
6 years ago

TO truly appreciate this home, i would have to see it in person. VERY NICE