Inspiring organic farmhouse style interiors

Jordi Canosa is a photographer from Barcelona, Spain, has worked for various interior magazines and has captured some of the most extraordinary spaces. From rustic villas to modern lofts, his photos are nothing short of spectacular. Here is a collection of very inspiring organic, farmhouse style images of some of his best work from the small island of Formentera, Spain.

Casa Elena

Casa Anna

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12 years ago

The interior is beautiful. I wish my own home could look so stylish yet comfortable. My one downfall is the lack of storage space. That is a big deal for me as I have had the majority of my belongings in self storage for the past year. so i’m eager to have it back and get settled into my new place.

K sylvia
1 year ago
Reply to  Lizzie

For me it is not so much in the storage of items, but always the space itself and the light. I have created rooms that had very little “decor” with a lot of light and floor space. Having created every possible design, now find there is no need for storage if you use what you have. Try to imagine a nomadic life where you can pack it all up efficiently. Baskets and lots of fiber make for a luxurious space.

13 years ago

Love the interior design photography, so many beautiful spaces.