A fortified farmhouse finds new life in Italy

Not too far from a picturesque town called Pisticci, in the Basilicata Region of Italy, Torre Fiore Hotel Masseria is housed in a carefully restored military outpost dating from the 16th century. This historical ‘masseria’, whose main building used to host the owner’s and the massaro’s (farmer’s) homes, close to the cattlesheds and barn, still keeps the evocative atmosphere of its original architectural features magically intact. Torre Fiore aims at reviving the warm comfort of the old rural dwellings in its 13 stylishly furnished splendid suites, each innovatively designed to offer the best in modern luxury accommodation. A pleasant infinity edge cascade pool with a stunning view over the magnificent valley, bar and cozy chill-out lounge complement the offer. Space, light and silence are the retreat’s rewarding pluses; the charm and magic of the past is harmoniously blended with the allure of contemporary decor.

There are 13 spacious rooms and suites each innovatively designed by Giannone Petricone Associates to create the ultimate in modern luxury. The contemporary style works wonderfully with the original 16th-century features, the arched doorways, alcoves, stonework and wood-beamed ceilings and a selection of interesting antiques. Installations of contemporary elements in distressed wood, local and Persian stone, glass and pomegranate upholstery are positioned revealed against the carefully restored vintage structure. Freestanding, oversized headboards sit skewed in the lofty ‘casede’ to conceal the glazed bathrooms and rain-head showers that sometimes spill their pristine bathtub out into the open. Strands of foreign materials and fabrics insert themselves unexpectedly into the new and restored surfaces.

Visit this charming hotel in Italy here.

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12 years ago

Hi, I think you are right.

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12 years ago

It was very well redesigned. Very colorful and welcoming.

I like the houses concepts. They are very relaxing to see and so convenient to live in. I wish I have any from here.