The Wide Open Villa in Greece

This incredible home that we bring to you today has been designed by Klab Architects, called the Wide Open Villa, located in Athens, Greece. The 11,302 square foot (1,050 square meters) monolithic volume is characterized by straight lines and right angles, interrupted by the gentle arc of the staircase that leads to the upper floor where the bedrooms are located. The most imposing feature of the home is the living room, a grand stone-clad fireplace that connects both in spatial and visual terms the interior with the exterior. Additionally, the double-height space of the living room is flooded by light by way of a large window wall that provides views of the main garden and swimming pool.

Where most of the spaces that form the interior of the villa are of grandeur scale the kitchen is designed to meet the needs of a modern family, where both the practicalities and the intimate moments can be accommodated. The villa hides a space of tranquility underground, an indoor swimming pool and a sauna occupy this lower lever and their only means of natural light is a west facing skylight that pours light into the room. Concealed lights in the ceiling, a backlit translucent wall and the reflections provided by the water add to the serene atmosphere of the space. Via

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12 years ago