A stunning cottage transformed in Provence

This charming house comprised of thick stone walls and wooden trusses is a former farm restored with great attention to detail in the French countryside of Provence, Italy. The transformation is the incredible work of architects Jacques and Eric Chevalier, now the home of a couple and their three children. The outdoor space of the home has been enriched by a swimming pool, while the interior allows you to witness the original structure, that of an ancient cellar where wine is produced.

The room that housed barrels has been transformed into a large living area on two levels, separated by a fireplace. To the north, the blind wall serves as a supporting structure of a double ramp of stairs. To the south, a large opening with iron painted black, designed by Jacques Chevalier, bordering with their bows on the inner courtyard where they grow palm trees and flowering plants.

The home features unusual decor, which mixes great design classics such as armchairs and chaise lounges designed by Le Corbusier-with furniture and objects of traditional rural French. In the kitchen, an old and unused firebox is framed by decorative block, the center island combines a rough stone structure with simple enclosures, open nooks housing wicker baskets, and a pantry enclosed behind six old wooden waxed doors. Via

Photos: SaiLLET/ Photofoyer

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