Unique vintage loft home in Barcelona

This refurbished loft in Barcelona, Spain has been completed by an architect for a young couple and their two children. The tiled roof, wooden beams and brick walls were preserved, but the interiors were changed around to create a more efficient space plan. An open space plan with high ceilings, shared living area and kitchen with dining room, without separating partitions, turned the home into a genuine loft. The home features an industrial air, as seen in the brick walls painted in white, the wide and extra-long aged wood flooring mixed with concrete flooring in some areas, the steel countertop in the kitchen and the furniture.

In the master bedroom, the decoration creates an evocative and nostalgic atmosphere. There are some antique pieces mixed with vintage flair which exudes elegance and good taste in a calming environment. This space, which is so intimate, curiously, has no partitions; only a handrail and a wall that separates from the hallway. In the children’s bedroom, the color on the brick walls creates visual interest. Among some of the decorative highlights are hanging stars, a funny giraffe and a few boxes recycled by the owner used as shelves. Via

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12 years ago

i really love it, thx for sharing.