Brilliantly designed Australian residence

This spectacular home design called Kew House 3 was created by Vibe Design Group in Melbourne, Australia. The main scope of the project was to embody the iconic elegance of the 1950/60’s modernist style. The facade drew inspiration from a classic styled stereo cabinet, with slats of timber at opposing ends mimicking the speaker elements. The large embankment of windows to the rear of the residence takes full advantage of the northern orientation while providing transparency and ample natural light across the main level of the house.

The complexities of the outside world have been simplified throughout the interior environment, where the architects designed a way to alleviate the usual clutter of doors by camouflaging them within the timber veneer walls. The cantilevered box on the street facade internally houses the day bed and library which interacts with the study space. The study has a glass splash back wall chosen for its ability to reflect the outer landscape. In this 3,445 square foot (321 square meters) residence, the combined use of extensive glass, timber, stone and floating and hidden cabinetry throughout promotes a welcoming environment. Via

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