A colorful mid-century modern weekend getaway

The colorful weekend home was extensively renovated in rural Orange County, New York. A couple, who live in Chelsea during the week, purchased the 1960s house with a midcentury feel for $285,000. Spacious enough for entertaining, the home is comprised of 3,000 square feet of living space and four bedrooms the home appears as a real life representation of one of the owner’s website, ‘Fab.com’. Bradford Shellhammer drew inspiration from spending days surrounded by home furnishings, so naturally he carefully planned arrangements of furnishings in eye-popping hues, all selected from his company.

The home needed a complete renovation, so a contractor was hired to add two bathrooms, for a total of four, and transformed an unfinished basement into a games room, and reconfigured bedrooms as well as the main staircase, all in just 10 weeks. The homeowner’s decided to preserve the rosewood cabinets in the kitchen and the colored porcelain fixtures in the bathrooms, and took a more targeted approach to updates. The exterior facade of the home was also updated, with a total of around $200,000 spent on the renovations. Via

The original rosewood kitchen cabinets remained, with the wall above covered in chalkboard paint.

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