Exotic retreat surrounded by the Brazilian jungle

The UXUA Casa Hotel is small eco-conscious retreat set in a tropical paradise of Bahia, Brazil. For centuries, travelers have been calling the small Bahian fishing village of Trancoso “paradise on earth.” And it’s easy to see why. UXUA Casa Hotel is the place in the universe that makes one want to give up modern life and become a hut-to-hut coconut salesman.

Designer Wilbert Das has created nine unique casas, built and decorated by local artists. They used traditional building methods and recycled materials, but this is as humble a five-star resort as they come. Each casa is warm and rustic. Hammocks swing next to sleek Midcentury Brazilian furniture. The warm ocean water and native sea turtles are just 10 minutes away at the UXUA Beach Lounge.

UXUA’s chefs offer a menu of organic Bahian cuisine and tropical drinks to be enjoyed poolside, seaside, or delivered directly to your casa. Local chefs are even available to help you cook in your fully-equipped kitchen. Juices are a specialty and many come from fruit picked from Uxua Casa Hotel’s own fruit trees.

The UXUA Casa Hotel can be visited here.

Photos: Fernando Lombardi

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12 years ago

Trancoso is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bahia and receives visitors from all ove the world.
Hugs from Brasil