Incredible concrete house gets transformed

The Concrete House has been designed by Ogrydziak Prillinger Architects in Piedmont, California. The project is a complete renovation of an existing 1974 cast-concrete and brick house. The original 7,000 square foot residence was built for a single couple, a fluid open plan organized around a central courtyard. The objective of the remodel was to make the house practical for a family and to upgrade the finishes and feel of the house while remaining true to its original spirit of large expanses of exposed materials and visual openness.

The primary living spaces, kitchen, and baths were all reconfigured with a view to maximize the flexibility of the space โ€” maintaining the spatial continuity of the existing house while still allowing private enclosures. Fully operable sliding glass doors open to perceptually extend the living room space into the pool terrace. Through the device of oversized folding doors, the new kitchen can be opened to engage fully in the life of the house or can be closed off for formal occasions. Three new bedrooms โ€” more like elaborate pieces of casework than typical room enclosures โ€” were also added to the house.

Photos: Tim Griffith

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