Innovative Harrison Street Residence

The recently completed Harrison Street multi-unit residence is a definition of urban family living. The property contains two innovative residences filled with upscale materials and finishes which elevates the space beyond mere function and creates a seamless integration of indoor/outdoor living space.

This is perfect for its newest residents, Paul Dawson and his young growing family. This is Paul and his wife Rebecca’s pet project for their family. Paul is one of the owners of Dawson+Clinton, a boutique design/build firm located in San Francisco. The Harrison Street project has taken them 3 years to complete, with many hurtles including, during the digging for the underground garage they found an underground stream. Through all the struggles they have completed a masterpiece in urban family living. The design of the residences was based off of Paul & Rebecca’s family needs for their two young children (3 years & 5 years) who need exercise outdoor space and the ability to have fun. Always the active parents, their needs are not unique in this day and age where an urban setting offers different take on child rearing.

Urban living with a family doesn’t lend itself to bike riding or skateboarding on the street out front, so making sure there was enough outdoor safe space for the kids to grow and play was of the utmost importance. In addition, the roof deck provides an adult area to entertain friends and enjoy the warmer weather in this part of the city. The interior of the space is open, airy and bright showcasing the modern design but not sacrificing function. Using high end building materials, including stainless steel this provides for the durability need with two young growing active kids. We all know skateboarding in the house is a no, no but kids will be kids. The open floor plan allows for everyone to do their own thing but still be connected at the same time. This was very important to Paul & Rebecca who want to allow their kids the ability to grow and develop individually but within a safe environment. The next project at Harrison Street is figuring out where to put the garden!

Harrison Street Residence-16

Harrison Street Residence-17

Harrison Street Residence-18

Harrison Street Residence-19

Harrison Street Residence-23

Harrison Street Residence-22

Harrison Street Residence-20

Harrison Street Residence-21

Harrison Street Residence-24

Harrison Street Residence-25

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