Ultimate in tropical coastal living

Casa Ramon is an exclusive and luxurious holiday rental home in the South Pacific enclave that redefines Coastal Living in Costa Rica. The creators of Casa Ramon have put together natural materials in a remarkable way that blends textures and colors to enrich your experience of life and free your soul from the dictates of the world.

No compromise, no detail overlooked, and no expense were spared in this mission to convey the vision of a marriage between tropical style, savvy contemporary flair and total comfort. This is the ultimate in tropical coastal living, a masterpiece that showcases years of experience of working with natural stone, bamboo structures and superb interior design. The owners and their dream team are called Bamboo and Coralina S.A.; together they are manifesting the vision to develop a series of exceptional Tropical Style coastal properties in the most spectacular locations of Costa Rica.

“At Casa Ramon we have used Eco Green Tropical Costa Rican Architecture that blends itself into the surroundings, using rustic and modern finishes with bamboo, coral stones, volcanic and river stones, tropical hardwoods and recycled glass. In our Costa Rican villa all details, plants and art work harmonize to echo with the surroundings. The mountain of “Cabeza Del Mono” (Monkey’s Head) and the Pacific Ocean with breathtaking ocean views that boast unspoiled natural beaches are located just below Casa Ramon. The villa is enveloped by tropical forests teaming with exotic wild life and accented by lush gardens and fountains. Experience firsthand the ultimate in tropical coastal living in Costa Rica as redefined through Casa Ramon.

Your home away from home can be rented here.

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