Classic modern lake house

Swedish architecture firm John Robert Nilsson has completed Villa Overby, a 2,690 square foot (250 square meters) vacation home in Varmdo, Sweden. The architecture of the home had very high demands in terms of design and precision of the execution. Pure forms and clean lines were consistently pursued.

It is a technology-intensive home, as a piece of civilized life and order offset by large boulders wedged in natural soil in the Stockholm Archipelago. White surfaces and large glass walls span the perimeter of the home. Few materials were used in the interiors. Light stands against dark, creating a crisp graphic clarity.

Lighter materials such as limestone from Gotland are used heavily throughout. Contact between the inside and out is strengthened by the fact that sliding glass panels have been built into the structure so as not to interrupt the sweeping stone flooring from inside to out. The exterior is dark, blackened steel; the surrounding landscape features an infinity-edge pool and a stairway that extends to the Bay and boat bridge.

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