Exotic beach house in the Dominican Republic

The prevailing warm climate of this Caribbean country along with the particular location of the project within a 7.000 m2 plot of land along the coast line, have determined the ideas that A-cero Architecture had for this luxurious residence in the Dominican Republic. The massing is subdivided in two blocks, both composed of curved and straight surfaces interacting and forming dynamic spaces. The entire home is covered with a light coralline stone procured locally. The stone’s light color, and smooth texture helps in taking advantage of the Caribbean sun, as it accentuates the curvilinear attributes of the space, through light and shadows.

The house is hidden behind a walled fence which curves up from the ground. The sculptural fence is interrupted in the middle by a large wooden gate. The house is designed to make the most of the cross-ventilation, taking advantage of the cooling sea breeze. The whole house is extroverted, with big practicable large windows. The separation between the inside and the outside gets dissolved with gardens getting inserted inside the house. The external Coralline stone is brought inside, offering a visual continuity throughout the project. The furniture was also designed by A-cero and custom-built to measurement, and conceived to bestow certain simplicity inside the big interior spaces.

Photos: Fernando Manosalvas

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Beach House For Rent
12 years ago

Wow! The first picture looks like is is “snowed” in, I actually had to make a double take on it for a minute. Esa Beach House es perfecta!