‘Back to the future’-transparent Orb House

The Orb House is located in Melbourne, Australia designed by Australian architect Bojan Simic. Here is a description of the home by the architect: ‘Orb House’ adopts a minimalist aesthetic as a counterpoint to the heavy handed, utilitarian architectural fabric that makes up its streetscape tapestry. Located on a unique site descending rapidly towards the Yarra River and Yarra Bend Golf Course, it is less a protest statement than an exploration of contrasts through purity of form a simple transparent circle in a congested patchwork quilt. Inspired by the dwellings of ancient Pompeii, our approach was to create a tranquil introspective living environment based on the central courtyard typology around which all living, working and entertaining orbits.

The building’s form and footprint is characterized by a curved central spine wall which defines two distinct zones the ‘living’ zone within the rim and the ‘sleeping’ zone beyond. This defining rim provides interiors with a theatrical backdrop while creating intimate residual spaces externally. A monochromatic palette of materials and textures augment the minimalist geometry of the composition. Aspect and light are dramatically introduced via frameless thermal glass curtain walls utilizing commercial glazing technology. Aspiring towards a future residential prototype the “Orb House” adopts tried and tested methodologies from the ancient past a ‘back to the future’ kind of approach.

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