Prefab Portable Home ÁPH80 in Spain by ÁBATON

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Project Portable Home ÁPH80 is a design by Madrid based ÁBATON Architects, a dwelling ideal for two people, easily transported by road and ready to be placed almost anywhere. This tiny house is comprised of only 290 square feet (27 square meters), sectioned into private and public spaces and ready for immediate placement. The proportions are the result of a thorough study by the architectural team so that the different spaces are recognizable and the feeling indoors is one of fullness. This low cost pre-fabricated housing solution is priced from $42,862, with an estimated one day assembly time and manufacturing taking approximately 4-6 weeks per unit.

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It is a simple yet sturdy construction made of materials chosen to provide both comfort and balance. ÁPH80 embodies the principles and objectives of ÁBATON: wellbeing, environmental balance, and simplicity.

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ÁPH80 has 3 different spaces measuring 27 square meters (9×3): a living-room/kitchen, a full bathroom and double bedroom. Its gabled roof is 3.5 meters high indoors. Most of the materials can be recycled and meet the sustainable criteria that ÁBATON applies to all its projects.

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It blends in with the environment thanks to its large openings that bring the outdoors inside. The use of wood throughout the building not only adds calmness and balance but it is also hypoallergenic. The sourced wood comes from regulated forests (will regrow to provide a wide range of other benefits such as further carbon storage, oxygen generation and forest habitat).

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Technical Data: The outside is covered with grey cement wood board. Ventilated facade with 10 centimeters thermal insulation around the building. Solid timber structure manufactured through numerical control; Inside timber panels made of Spanish Fir Tree dyed white. ÁPH80 has been designed and manufactured fully in Spain.

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Manufacturing time: 4-6 weeks. Assembly time: 1 day. Transportation by road. We are currently developing simpler series which can be added to the ÁPH80 to suit every particular need, creating larger spaces and contributing to the project’s versatility.

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Photos: Juan Baraja

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