Mexico City

Indoor-outdoor retreat in Mexico City boasts a heavenly garden oasis

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Architect Yuri Zagorin Alazraki of design studio ZD+A was responsible for this fascinating three-story stacked house with an amazing garden paradise. The personal residence of the architect, it is located in the Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood of Mexico City, Mexico, where an undesirable site was transformed into a visionary masterpiece. The property was very narrow and sits […]

Modern restoration and renovation in Mexico City by Ezequiel Farca

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Barrancas House project encompasses a modern restoration and renovation of a 1970’s home by architect Ezequiel Farca, located in Mexico City, Mexico. The original home was unattractive; however, Farca saw that the quality of the architecture provided good spatial potential. Needing to modernize the existing footprint of 7,750 square feet (720 square meters), the project team created moments of […]

Bright and airy residence surrounded by gardens in Mexico City

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V9 House is a bright and airy residence that caters to the lifestyle of the homeowners, designed by VGZ Arquitectura, located in Mexico City, Mexico. The volumes of the 10,333 square foot (960 square meters) home were oriented to maximize the sunshine and views. The residence offers sustainable features such as rainwater harvesting and use of solar energy. […]

Luminous home surrounded by lush vegetation: Casa Lomas II

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Casa Lomas II project is a contemporary single family home completed in 2013 by Paola Calzada Arquitectos, located in Mexico City, Mexico. The 9,364 square foot (870 square meters) east west orientated home was originally built in 1976, located on the backside of the site, providing privacy from the nearby road. At the same time […]

Casa ML in Mexico City designed for open and casual living

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Casa ML is a three story single family residence designed for open and casual living by Gantous Arquitectos, located in Mexico City, Mexico. Intense Volume Veiled In Light A narrow, dense lot called for design solutions that supported the owners’ open, casual lifestyle at the same time it created a dramatic, luxurious and intensely built […]

Audacious modern design of concrete and glass in Mexico City

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Casa Sierra Leona showcases a daring modern design where steel, concrete and glass take center stage, designed by architect José Juan Rivera Río, located in the residential area of Sierra Leona, on the outskirts of Mexico City, in Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico Apparent simplicity and exquisite details, this house is resolved with flat roofs between […]

Transformation of modern dwelling in Mexico City: AA House

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AA House was designed by Parque Humano as a man-made pavilion for observing and living in close proximity to nature, situated in Mexico City, Mexico. The home is an exploration on the trace of a variety of formal and architectural lineages in the ongoing transformation of the modern dwelling that ranges from Neutra´s Kaufmann House […]

Integrating stone volumes in its structure: Casa Reforma

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Casa Reforma is a two story contemporary home that integrates stone volumes in its structure, designed by Central de Arquitectura, in Mexico City, Mexico. The proposal was created through solid stone volumes which respond to the horizontality that the spaces and the program generated and to their proportions. The project retakes the geometries of the […]

Contemporary design in Mexico City: Vidalta

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Vidalta Apartment was designed by design studio Kababie Architects in Mexico City, Mexico, completed in 2012. The interior of the 4,843 square foot (450 square meters) home was generated with a full atmosphere that describes perfectly the lifestyle of the family who lives in it. One of the major challenges was the selection of furniture […]

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