Luminous property with modern yet cozy elements in Mexico City

House V9-VGZ Architecture-00-1 Kindesign

A whimsical geometric volume forms the modern residence of House V9, the ingenious design compilation of VGZ Architecture, located in Mexico City, Mexico. When designing the 8,611 square foot (800 square meters) project, the architects followed two principle design rules, the understanding of the place and the usage of natural light. The shape of the home follows the topography of the site, with wide open environments surrounded by lush greenery. Lighting was a principle design element, integrating architecture and decoration which culminated into a harmonious living environment. The exterior facade is comprised of materials of stone for the vertical surfaces and wood for the horizontal, creating a fresh and natural aesthetic. Stepping into the interiors, you will notice a stunning double height living room showcasing lattice work of hickory wood running through the perimeter of the second story. Furnishings includes vintage wood pieces, custom designs by the architect such as the desk and bar, as well as pieces that had been collected by the owners. The residence is spread out over three levels, with the basement comprised of a gym and parking; while the ground level encompasses the social spaces: kitchen, dining, study and family room. The upper level hosts three bedrooms, two with en-suites and living room.

House V9-VGZ Architecture-01-1 Kindesign

The home includes sustainable features such as a rainwater collection system and recycled water management for irrigation and solar panels for electricity. Other considerations include proper orientation of the home on the site and windows with UV filters and heat seal for energy efficiency. We are loving the design of this home, with clean lines, abundance of light and seamless connection between indoors and out. Although modern, the architects did a great job of still creating a cozy ambiance that any homeowner would love to call home! What do you think, could you call this pad home?

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The master bedroom suite offers a spa bathroom which is cantilevered over a private courtyard garden, illuminating the space.

House V9-VGZ Architecture-11-1 Kindesign

The pleasing garden is a very active space of the home, featuring an outdoor kitchen and dining space seating 14 people. The homeowners enjoy entertaining on the terrace at sunset, enjoying a glass of wine and great conversation by the cozy fireplace pictured below..

House V9-VGZ Architecture-12-1 Kindesign

Photos: AD Mexico

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