High level of transparency defining Casa Blanca in Peru

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Casa Blanca is a contemporary three level home with a stunning bright orange staircase taking center stage, designed by Martín Dulanto Arquitecto, located in Lima, Peru. This amazing home offers sleek transparent walls of glass that gives us a visual look into the main living space of this minimalistic home. Looking inside, a bright orange spiral staircase is […]

Exposed concrete and glass dwelling in Peru: S House

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S House is a contemporary concrete and glass single family home that has been designed by Domenack Arquitectos, situated in Lima, Peru. The design brief necessitated three important factors to be incorporated into the design of the 5,382 square foot (500 square meters) home. First it needed to satisfy the functional needs of the family. […]

Veronica Beach House in Peru displays striking modern design

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Veronica Beach House is a unique contemporary residence that has been recently designed by Longhi Architects, situated in Lima, Peru. The materiality of this incredible 7,000 square foot (650 square meters) house is solved with the balanced use of five main materials: Cast Stone concrete, with colors derived from natural rock context. Here is a description […]

Beach home in Peru displays striking modern design: Casa Q

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Casa Q is an incredible contemporary beach house designed by Longhi Architects, located 72 miles south of Lima, Peru. The 4,348 square foot (404 square meters) beach house is the first residence built in one of the areas not yet occupied at the Beach Club Misterio. Infinite rolling dunes from the desert to the East […]

Majestic dwelling in Peru: A House Forever

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A House Forever was designed and constructed by Longhi Architects as a contemporary home for a young couple situated in La Molina, Lima, Peru. The couple requested that the architects build a 5,920 square foot (550 square meters) residence they could live in forever, “I knew I had in my hands a great opportunity to […]