Renovated apartment in Barcelona offers a chic touch

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This renovated apartment features modern design details and an open floor plan designed by Bianca Bosman & Niels Oudega of Nobohome, located in the Born district of Barcelona, Spain. The building this apartment is in preserves the architects element of a bourgeois building form 1936. A beautiful framework to enhance a brilliant contemporary apartment interior. […]

A bright and airy cosmopolitan apartment in Barcelona

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This cosmopolitan apartment is located in a turn of the century building on an iconic chamfered corner of Barcelona, Spain’s Eixample District, a renovation project carried out by Nook Architects. Due to the the peculiarities of the 700 square foot (65 square meters) structure and floor distribution, the designers had some challenges to work with. Its beams were […]

Courtyard house in Spain radiates with freshness and light

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A courtyard house has undergone a complete reform, transformed into an urban oasis, full of light, charm and freshness, located in Barcelona, Spain. The new homeowners had previously resided in an apartment, which had plenty of style and was ideal, but not big enough for their expanding family. With the arrival of their second child, […]

Stunning Bohemian style apartment in Barcelona

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This refreshing Bohemian style apartment renovation features modern updates with preserved historical elements by architecture studio Serrat-Tort, located in Barcelona, Spain. Elements of exposed brick walls, arches, woodwork and historical pieces come together to create a beautiful living space. The project encompassed the demolition of all walls except for the structural supports so that the […]

Stylish industrial loft in Barcelona features a greenhouse

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An industrial style apartment in Barcelona, Spain was renovated for a young client who dreamed of living in a space that feels home-made, contracting interiors studio Drom Living for the task. The client asked for help right from the beginning, starting with the search of the apartment and with the purchase. Encompassing just 688 square feet […]

Bright, white and newly renovated apartment in Barcelona

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This completely white apartment features a brand new look thanks to a full rehabilitation of its interiors by designer Barbara Aurell of Espacio En Blanco, located in the upper area of ​​Barcelona, ​​in the district of San Gervasio, Spain. Comprised of 1,614 square feet (150 square meters) of living space, this home had been left uninhabited for […]

An elegant three-story refuge in the Barcelona countryside

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María José Gómez and Maximiliano Zigart from the decor studio Luzio are responsible for the reform of this three-story villa in a rural area of Barcelona, Spain. The construction dates back to 1983, so the home was still in great condition but required a change to update materials and interior organization Eclectic furnishings against a […]

Prefabricated Spanish dwelling cantilevers over the hillside

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A prefabricated, energy-efficient home was designed by Alventosa Morell Arquitectes for two sisters in the Collserola mountain range, in Barcelona, Spain. The bioclimatic dwelling is nestled on a sloped property with concrete walls that run parallel to the line of the elevate of the slope. Perpendicular trusses supports five major light wooden structures, which allows its […]

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