38 Brilliant interiors by Jeffers Design Group

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Jeffers Design Group is an award winning interior design firm out of San Francisco, California that creates luxurious but livable homes. The firm creates spaces that have soul and an atmosphere that feels like they have been collected over a period of time. The design principal is Jay Jeffers who started out 14 years ago […]

Collection of 26 stunning Kohler-inspired bathrooms

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Find some inspiration for your next bathroom remodel in our collection of stylish bathrooms that range in attitude from contemporary to traditional to even Zen-like simplicity. You’ll find that with the right planning and product selection, you could be well on your way to designing your own perfect bathroom retreat. Today, well designed bathrooms are […]

Beautiful interior inspiration from photographer James Baigrie

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South African photographer James Baigrie creates eye-catching interior photography that is stimulating to the senses and leaves you feeling very inspired. James has been shooting stunning editorial, commercial and catalog work for more than 15 years with clients like Pottery Barn, Martha Stewart Living, Crate & Barrel, Food & Wine and more. James’s idea of […]

Most Popular Bedrooms On One Kindesign To Inspire You

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 House of seventeen balconies infused with eclectic charm  Today we present to you a fabulous collection of the most popular bedrooms that have been showcased throughout the year of 2012 here on 1 Kindesign. These bedrooms were selected based on popularity through several social media sites. All of the bedrooms are featured in beautiful houses and […]

Retro-chic dwelling features sparkling holiday decor

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A few steps away from Madrid, Spain’s Retiro Park is this special house featuring beautiful interior details, spotted on Mi Casa. The original structure has been historically preserved, which highlights the emphatic presence of a solid platform of great beauty and staggered openings of some large windows decorated with mouldings. The quaint home features antique […]

46 Inspiring interiors showcasing shabby chic style

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The shabby chic look usually has a lot of white, neutrals, and bright interiors. Characteristics of the beach life, comfortably worn and casual interiors bring the shabby chic life into your interiors effortlessly. The main characteristic of shabby chic interior design is aged and distressed furniture. It could be chosen for its appearance of age […]

33 Ultra-chic interior spaces rocking your senses

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We poured through some of our favorite ultra-chic interior spaces to create this collection to help inspire you. These spaces range from ultra-opulent to ones that you could emulate in your own home. The key to making your own space chic is to add personality to it, make the space your own. Creating a chic […]

40 Amazing children’s sleeping nook ideas

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Cottages and summer homes are the perfect situation for sleeping nooks and so are homes that are limited in space. We can embrace the idea of limited space by adjusting our design towards it. Creating a sleeping nook for children, not only will they love the fun design concept, it makes a crowded space feel […]

38 Interiors incorporating black for a chic style

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Incorporating black adds drama to any space, whether it is paining a whole room with black or just adding splashes of black. Adding black to your walls can seem unnerving, where most of us feel that it will leave a space feeling dark, gloomy and closed in. On the contrary, it can add depth and […]

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