This modern rustic cabin is a serene escape in the Colorado Mountains


This modern rustic cabin was designed and built by Artisan Builders as a family retreat that is nestled in a remote spot, 11,000 feet above Telluride, Colorado. The homesite posed some special access challenges, especially in the winter when snowshoes or machines are needed to access the site. To gain access to the site, the builders had to construct a driveway along with a steel bridge to cross over a wetland area.

Using snowmobiles to access the property, the project team was able to work through the winter months and complete the project in 14 months. A few years before the owner purchased the property, the county voted to put into effect the “High Country Building Standard” in order to try and limit the size and scope of development in prescribed areas above 11,000 feet.


These regulations provided some unique challenges as this was one of the first properties to be developed in this newly created zone. In the preliminary meeting with the county, the project was allowed only 1,000 square feet. From this starting point, it was a give-and-take to be able to add square footage to this high country retreat.


After many meetings, the county allowed an additional footprint of 800 square feet and an overall size of 1,600 square feet. The design of this custom home was heavily impacted by the regulations involved, but at the same time, it pushed us to utilize every inch of the space in order to fit three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms, while still maintaining an open and comfortable feel. The owners love this home and use it as an escape from city living every opportunity that they get.


Above: The exterior facade features reclaimed oak board on board siding with locally sourced rough sawn standing dead douglas fir for the facia and trim.


What We Love: This beautiful modern rustic cabin is a stunning display of reclaimed materials, locally sourced stone, and customized details. Despite limiting zoning regulations, this home turned out very unique in its form, where every inch of space was maximized. We are loving the atmosphere of this home, warm, comfortable, and extremely inviting. Surrounded by woods and mountains, we can imagine this home would make for a relaxing getaway!

Tell Us: Would this high country home be your idea of the perfect family getaway pad? Let us know in the Comments below!

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The material palette consists of reclaimed douglas fir beams and trim from a deconstructed airplane hanger. The interior three levels are accessed via a custom metal staircase enclosed in a bump-out, the center of which is a hand-powered dumb waiter that helps move luggage, groceries, and firewood from floor to floor.











Photos: Courtesy of Artisan Builders

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