20+ Awesome Backyard Greenhouse Ideas For Gardening Enthusiasts


If you have a love affair with plants and flowers, then why not create an inspiring greenhouse structure right in your backyard? Greenhouses can offer an array of creative ideas, from just a spot for growing plants to your indoor-outdoor living room. They also can provide an eye-catching backyard focal point, a place to pot your plants and relax in a tropical oasis.

Enjoy your greenhouse year-round by adding a cozy nook inside. This backyard greenhouse can be right next to your outdoor gardens, adding the additional benefit of a potting shed. It can provide you with a garden paradise and light therapy at the same time — especially through the long winters.

Greenhouses are a great idea if you live in areas with heavy snow, rain, or other harsh environments. These greenhouse design ideas help you create your very own greenhouse right in your backyard. Whether you’re looking for a little greenhouse or a large greenhouse, you will find greenhouse inspiration in this post. 

Here, you will see easy DIY plans to create your dream greenhouse with a materials list, including ideas for frame materials, roof panels, and decorative elements. Enjoy great ways to use plastic bottles, PVC pipes, wooden frames, plastic sheeting, and more, with a dedicated space for fresh greenhouse plants, fruit trees, and delicate plants.

Greenhouses create a microclimate that enables you to grow plants, herbs, and vegetables, irrespective of the elements outdoors. These enclosed structures can be done as DIY or custom-sized for your space so that they fit perfectly into your backyard. Get some amazing how-to ideas below to build your own backyard greenhouse!

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1. Cape Cod Greenhouse. Potted plants and lush greenery surround this beautiful glass and steel greenhouse with a stone foundation. (via BC Greenhouse Builders)


2. Wonderful Greenhouse Space. This 320 square foot (16′ x 20′) steel frame greenhouse can withstand hail and high winds along with heavy, wet spring snow. A concrete foundation is topped with a gravel floor. This space allows for both horizontal and vertical growing ability while providing enough area to sit, relax, and enjoy what a greenhouse can offer. (via CSI Hobby Greenhouses)


3. Greenhouse With Hanging Plants. This greenhouse features hanging baskets with lush vegetation and a raised bed with a water fountain. A stone floor for durability and low maintenance. There is also a sink for watering. (via BC Greenhouse Builders)



4. English Garden Greenhouse Shed. Upper hanging shelves have grow lights to supplement natural light for year-round plant growing. Slatted shelves allow water to run through onto the brick floor. Hoses make watering plants a breeze. The exterior of this greenhouse has a brick-clad foundation. (via Karen Aitken and Associates)



5. Contemporary Greenhouse Shed. This magnificent greenhouse was custom-built, offering abundant natural light for growing plants indoors. Beautiful gardens surround this greenhouse for summertime enjoyment in Seattle, Washington. (via Architectural Glass/Greg Carman)


6. Vegetable Garden Greenhouse. A twin-wall polycarbonate greenhouse with corrugated metal raised garden beds. A truly productive greenhouse! (via BC Greenhouse Builders)






7. Garden Room with Spa and Greenhouse. The greenhouse is connected to a garden room with a spa. Inside the greenhouse, tropical plants grow during the winter while vegetables and flowers get started for spring. A plexiglass roof joins the greenhouse to the heated garden room. Plastic benches held up by concrete blocks make a simple benching system. Wire closet shelving adds extra room for plants. 3/8″ pea stone floor with a drainage pipe beneath helps keep the floor dry. (via Garden Tech Horticultural Services)


8. Greenhouse Solarium. Raised beds with rows of varietals surround a small sitting area, ideal for lounging or even working from home! Fans help to keep the space cool. (via Meridian Estate Greenhouses)



9. Backyard Greenhouse Living. This industrial-style greenhouse is custom built and its dimensions are 60′ by 20′, or 1200 square feet. The interior of the greenhouse makes a perfect place for entertainment or relaxation. (via Groundswell Design Group)


10. Greenhouse Shed Roof. A unique free-standing lean-to to captures maximum available sunlight throughout the day. (via BC Greenhouse Builders)



11. Recycled Greenhouse. A damaged pole barn was converted into an eclectic greenhouse. Mismatched pieces of reclaimed windows dictated the greenhouse’s construction. The floors feature reclaimed bricks from a turn-of-the-century fireplace, sourced from a neighboring homestead. (via Sarah Greenman)



12. Glass House in the Garden. This modern glass house has a dividing wall (the opposing side has a gas fireplace) that separates a living area from the greenhouse. One side has a polished concrete floor, while the greenhouse side has gravel. The frame is painted steel with aluminum sliding glass doors. A glass roof covers the greenhouse, while the other side has a green roof with native grasses. (via Flavin Architects)


13. A Greenhouse Shed. A rustic greenhouse addition with a wooden trough for plants. Potted plants line the window for additional sunlight. (via step3studio)


14. A “Green” Greenhouse. A handmade aluminum greenhouse. The color of the greenhouse melds with its surrounding environment. A central entrance porch has double doors for easy access. The interior offers ample space to accommodate different growing areas. (via Hartley Botanic)


15. Enchanted Hideaway Greenhouse. A beautiful rustic greenhouse of wood and glass. (via Metrofolia Inc. General Contractor)



16. English Greenhouse. This spectacular greenhouse in Greenwich, Connecticut features an abundance of hanging baskets and shelves filled with potted plants.  (via Hartley Botanic)


17. Garden Greenhouse. An urban farm in Austin, Texas features this small greenhouse next to a large garden with beds and walkways. Common 1/2″ PVC pipes were used to make inexpensive garden hoops to cover the plants from direct sunlight. (via B. Jane Gardens)


18. Potting Shed Greenhouse. A greenhouse can also be used as a potting shed. This one has hanging baskets taking advantage of the continual sunlight through the glass ceiling. Wood flooring is used for durability. (via Affinity Builders)


19. Cottage Greenhouse. A greenhouse in Denmark forms the framework for a cozy outdoor space with an Olano Solseng sunbed in untreated natural rattan from ILVA. Plants and vegetables grow in this indoor-outdoor space, which is also used as a cozy nook to be enjoyed year-round. (via Bolig Magasinet)


20. Cozy DIY Greenhouse. This beautiful greenhouse took seven months to complete, this space is overflowing with lush vegetation. Tucked within the trees, it’s a magical place that brings joy, reflection, and healing. A Boho fringe hammock is an idyllic spot to curl up for an afternoon siesta. (via Vaughn House Greenhouse)


21. Greenhouse Conservatory. This amazing greenhouse would be the ultimate place to feel inspired — somewhere to paint and listen to music surrounded by beautiful flowers and sunlight. The large leafy plant hanging out in the corner of this space adds a tropical feel. (via @beldicountryclub)


22. Greenhouse and Raised Beds. This 8’x12′ custom double glass greenhouse with a vestibule is so inviting and offers a beautiful anchor to this Pacific Northwest garden. Outdoor vegetable garden planter boxes add to the overall feel of this amazing garden zone. (via BC Greenhouse Builders)


23. Attached Greenhouse. An old barn in Philadelphia was converted into an indoor/outdoor entertainment center with an attached greenhouse. (via World Wide Stereo)


24. Backyard Greenhouse. This cool space is the perfect place to store all of your container plants, especially the ones that were outside during the summer. They will survive and thrive in this unique microclimate. You can make your greenhouse functional by storing your garden tools and even personalize it with a unique light fixture and perhaps even some artwork! (via @haarkon_)


25. Beautiful Backyard Greenhouse. A steel and glass-enclosed greenhouse with french doors bringing you into this greenery-filled oasis. (via Pinterest)


26. Greenhouse With A Potting Bench. This gorgeous greenhouse features a potting bench for the enjoyment of year-round blooms. Brick walls add a rustic feel to this wonderful space. (via Ideal Home)


27. Freestanding Work Areas. Having a greenhouse means you can garden throughout the seasons. You can also continue to propagate seeds and cuttings to grow a wide variety of plants. A large bench provides a work area for potting plants, filling flats, etc. (via HGTV)

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