21 Spectacular Recycled Wood Pallet Garden Ideas To DIY


Wood pallet gardens are a very popular trend right now, so why not consider getting creative and DIY your own pallet project this spring. There are various ways that you can add an upcycled wood pallet to your gardening scheme. It can be vertical, horizontal, or laid down flat. The pallet can be filled with herbs, colorful blooms, or succulents. These can be placed pretty much anywhere and are fabulous for large or small outdoor spaces. 

In a world of endless possibilities, old wooden pallets stand waiting to be upcycled into something fun and exciting. Imagine transforming these older pallets into stunning planter boxes and garden beds, creating a lush garden right in your backyard. 

From charming pallet garden beds to innovative hanging planters, there are countless ways to breathe new life into your outdoor area using these versatile materials. Join us as we explore different creative ways to repurpose free pallets into functional and aesthetic additions to your garden, including compost bins, flower beds, and even a pallet-based vegetable garden.

To find a wood pallet, try your local recycling center to see where you can source wood shipping pallets, or look online, such as Craigslist. Be sure the wood pallets are in good condition and have not been treated with pesticides. 

Have a look below for some easy DIY pallet garden ideas with all the sources that link to full tutorials.

How to tell if a pallet is safe for reuse?

You really do need to be careful when upcycling used pallets. Some can have some dangerous chemicals that can be found on them. Be sure to look on the side of the pallets, there will be a stamp. If you see HT, its heat-treated wood and will be okay to use. If you see MB it’s treated with a pesticide, please do not use it. Also, stay away from pallets marked as CH as they are made in China. The US or CA stamped pallets are safe to use. Avoid painted pallets, since you don’t know the toxicity of the paint used. Paint them yourself with non-toxic, latex paint if you wish.

1. Homemade Palette Garden.


Keep the labels for your plants and insert them into the soil so you know what each one of them is and the care instructions. (via @huertogaby)

2. Pallet Herb Garden.


This vertical palette can be placed anywhere, in a small or large backyard, on your patio or even an apartment balcony. Grow your own potted herbs, which can be purchased fully grown or from a seed packet. This pallet features small terracotta pots affixed to the pallet with hose clamps. Popular herbs ideas you can grow include rosemary, basil, oregano, parsley, sage, thyme, mint dill, fennel, lemongrass, bay leaves, and cilantro. (via Pinterest)

3. Recycled Pallet Vertical Garden with Pots.


For this vertical garden, spray paint terracotta pots in different bright colors to add a playful vibe to your garden. Use painters tape around the rim to keep the natural terracotta color. Attach pot holders (or flower pot rings) to the wood with screws to hang your potted plants. (via 101 Pallets)

4. Herb Palette Garden.


It doesn’t get any better than fresh produce collected from your backyard! This simple pallet has chalkboard paint painted across the front to label the herbs. The herb packets have been included on the sides to keep the care instructions nearby. These fresh herbs will surely inspire some fabulous home-cooked meals! (via @moniqueemily)

5. Strawberry Pallet Planter.


For this project, you will need a heat-treated wood pallet, a few tools and an afternoon to assemble your planter. The dimensions of this pallet are 47″ wide, 16″ depth, and 19″ height. Strawberries need to be planted in the spring to have fresh berries by the summer from the comfort of your own patio! Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via Lovely Greens)

6. DIY Outdoor Wood Pallet Herb Garden.


Growing your own herb garden is the perfect way to have your own organic, pesticide-free herbs in your own backyard. Depending on your space constraints, these herb pallet gardens can be laid down flat or set vertically against a wall. For this project, the wood was stained for a rustic aesthetic. White paint was used to label each of the herbs. Get the full instructions at the provided link. (via Makeful)

7. Vertical Pallet Garden.


Upcycle an old wood pallet to transform it into a colorful plant and succulent garden. This vertical garden can be placed up against a wall if you have a small space, or used to cover a retaining wall or wood fence for visual interest. (via Pinterest)

8. Shabby Chic Pallet Planter.


This shabby chic upcycled/recycled pallet planter is filled with shade-tolerant plants including Carex morrowii Ice Dance, Lamium maculatum and Lysimachia nummularia. (via Simon Orchard Garden Design)

9. DIY Upcycled Rainbow Pallet Flower Planter.


This creative project begins with a heat-treated (look for an HT stamp on the pallet), upcycled pallet. Be sure to sand the pallet to remove slivers. Paint your pallet in your favorite colors on each slat. You will need terra cotta planters and fill each with colorful blooms. Use worm clamps, drilled into the pallet to set each of the pots for display. Get more details at the provided link. (via Hello Creative Family)

10. DIY Vertical Pallet Planter.


Wood pallets are a free resource that can be found online or at industrial sites. For this garden project, two upcycled pallets are sanded and painted with a non-toxic paint (can be in any color you wish). The pallets form two side walls for the display. Colorful plants fill in the open shelves. Get more instructions at the provided link. (via The Micro Gardener)

11. Vertical Herb Garden.


A herb garden can be created in your backyard by repurposing a wood pallet. Screw hose clamps to the pallet to set your plants inside. The backboard will lean against a wall or railing to keep your herbs close at hand. This pallet idea is very versatile, as it can be moved around if more sun or shade is needed… and can be taken with you if you move! (via Good Housekeeping)

12. DIY Cedar Pallet Succulent Planter.


For this succulent garden, you will need 3 cedar pickets, hammer, nails, staple gun, wire mesh, soil and your choice of succulents. The wire mesh will help to keep the soil from coming out of the back of your pallet. Get more details at the provided link. (via Mom Spark)

13. Rustic-Chic Wall Pallet Planter.


This pallet can be placed vertically on a wall indoors or outdoors. Glass jars are filled with soil and plants. Mason jars or old glass containers can be used for this project. Use a worm clamp to fasten the jars to the wood pallet. (via Style Me Pretty)

14. DIY Herb Garden.


This herb garden is stained to create a more attractive aesthetic, you could also paint yours. Be sure to use non-toxic paint so that toxins do not leak into your soil. The herb labels are also a DIY using popsicle sticks dipped in paint and some vinyl lettering. Get the complete tutorial at the link. (via Ginger Snap Crafts)

15. Free-Standing Pallet Herb Garden.



A layering of greenery offers a classic garden look. Having fresh herbs close to your kitchen is super convenient. An added bonus to this vertical design is that you can move it anywhere on your patio or balcony. Get the tutorial at the link. (via DIY Show Off)

16. DIY Vertical Pallet Garden.


Bring in Spring with this lovely pallet garden. You don’t need to leave the pallet rustic, just add a fresh coat of paint. Black gardening plastic is stapled to the back of the pallet to secure soil. An inspiring gardening quote is stenciled onto the front of the pallet for extra charm. Look for full instructions at the provided link. (via Hometalk)

17. Wooden Pallet Herb Garden.


This pallet can be laid out flat on the ground anywhere in your backyard. Be sure to cover the back and bottom of the pallet with landscape fabric. You will want to double up on the fabric and staple it down to the pallet with a staple gun. Fill the pallet with soil through the cracks and plant your herbs in between the slats. Perrenial flowers add a burst of color and herbs include sage, oregano, chives, mint, and basil. (via Repeat Crafter Me)

18. Wood Pallet Planter.


A dry brush finish is used on this eye-catching pallet. Eight terracotta pots are painted in cream with chalkboard paint around the rims. A screw and bolt are used to hold the pot in place. Each of the pots has holes drilled into them to fasten onto the bolts on the pallet. For further directions, please see the provided link. (via Redoux Interiors)

19. Flower Pallet Garden.


Plant some colorful blooms into your pallet garden to add fresh spring color to your patio. Some of the flowers include brightly colored impatiens and begonias. Get the details at the provided link. (via DIY Show Off)

20. Blooming Wood Pallet.


Colorful blooms fill this upcycled wooden pallet which is set vertically. This pallet can be placed anywhere, against a wall or fence. (via bpunktwpunkt)

21. Vertical Pallet Garden.


A DIY upcycled wood pallet garden filled with your favorite herbs that can be located right outside your kitchen. Chalk is used to handwrite the names of the herbs for a touch of charm. (via Pinterest)

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