18 Absolutely Clever Thanksgiving Decor Ideas To Try This Holiday


The holidays are rapidly approaching and it is time to get into the holiday spirit with some fabulous Thanksgiving decor ideas to help get you inspired. If you are hosting Thanksgiving at your house, you will want to “wow” your guests with some clever ideas. They will be impressed with your creativity and your home will look beautiful.

These projects are a great way to bring your whole family together and do some DIY crafting to celebrate the season. Check out our fantastic Thanksgiving decor ideas below and don’t forget to let us know which one is your favorite and why in the Comments! Don’t forget to “pin” your favorite ideas to Pinterest! While you are there, be sure to also give us a follow: Pinterest/One Kindesign


1. Pinecone Place Cards. For a simple yet natural element to add to your Thanksgiving table, gather some pinecones (or purchase from a store, such as cinnamon-scented pinecones from Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, JoAnn). Insert a handwritten parcel tag into each pinecone and set around the dining table as DIY place cards! (via Edna Valley Vineyard)


2. Natural Centerpiece. Clear glass votive holders can create a festive look instantly, filled with unshelled walnuts, chestnuts or acorns. Use a simple white candle or festive colors such as brown or orange. LED candles are also a great option if you would prefer to not have a flame. (via Good Housekeeping)


3. Natural Elements. The use of natural elements in your centerpiece can make for a beautiful dining table setting. Here, the decor is simple yet elegant. Set atop a table runner, a glass vase is filled with fall leaves along with a white cake plate topped with a trio of small orange pumpkins. (via Maison de Pax)


4. Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece. Place pumpkins or squash on your table hollowed out and filled with a glass bowl or vase and some fresh flowers. Add some natural elements around the pumpkins, using foliage vines such as Russian Olive, Bay Leaf or even natural grapevine from your garden. To add an elegant touch, include pillar candles or some mercury glass pumpkins. (via Pottery Barn)


5. Give Thanks Banner. A simple way to add a festive touch to your Thanksgiving decor this season. The banner is attached to brown satin ribbon and clipped with mini clothespins. You can use it anywhere in your home’s decor, above your buffet table, in your kitchen, above your fireplace mantel, etc. The banner is a FREE printable, found at the provided link. (via The Tomkat Studio)


6. Paint Marker Place Mat. To create this place card/placemat combo, you will need kraft paper and a white paint marker. Layer with a charger, plate, linens, and silverware. Add some wine goblets and accent with votive candles for ambiance. Fall foliage adds texture and seasonal decor. Instructions: Cut an 18-inch wide piece of kraft paper to use as a table runner. You will need a pencil to draw three sides of a 16-inch square, the top side should be open. Guest’s name should be handwritten in the open space and extend the lines to complete the square. Use the white paint marker to trace over the pencil lines. Voila! (via Country Living)


7. Cinnamon Sticks + Rosemary Napkin Rings. Accent your dinnerware with these beautifully finished linens. Roll linen napkins tightly and tie together with twine, cinnamon sticks and fresh seasonal clippings such as rosemary, thyme or evergreen twigs. (via Home Polish)


8. DIY Pumpkin Succulent. To make this, you will need pumpkin(s), spray adhesive, glue gun, moss, and succulent cuttings. If you purchase the succulents are your local nursery, make your succulent cuts and allow the ends to dry. Spray adhesive the moss to the tops of your pumpkins. Glue gun your succulents onto the moss. After making your arrangements, layer them onto your table as a centerpiece. Be sure to mist your plants daily with a spray bottle (24 hours after initial glue). TIP: You can make small ones to set at each place setting for your dinner guests to take home with them! Get the tutorial at Simply Happenstance


9. Simple Centerpiece. Mini farmer’s market pumpkins and dollar store candles line a simple rustic baguette board. Add a few grapevines from the backyard and you have a beautiful centerpiece for under $10! Instead of pumpkins, you can also use acorns, apples, pears, moss balls, etc. (via Sophia’s Decor)


10. DIY Pumpkin Candles. This simple DIY Thanksgiving decor idea requires pumpkins, white pillar candles, faux berries and leaves (Michaels, JoAnn, Hobby Lobby). Trace a circle around the circumference of your candle onto the pumpkin. Cut out the pulp so the candle has space to nestle into the pumpkin. You could also you LED candles. (via Pinterest)


11. Mason Jar Candle. This simple DIY Thanksgiving decor idea can add a beautiful touch anywhere in your home. All you need is Mod Podge (matte), paintbrush, mason jars, decorative leaves (silk leaves from your local craft can be used). You will also need raffia to tie around the neck of the mason jar and an LED tea light candle to illuminate the interior. Get the tutorial at the provided link. (via Kids Activities Blog)

thanksgiving-decor-ideas-pumpkin-gourd-centerpiece12. Faux Ceramic Pumpkins. This DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece features gourds, faux leaves, and wild berries. (via The Desert Blossom)


13. Gourd’eous Candle Holders. To make these festive candle holders, you will need an array of small pumpkins and gourds, a drill, spade drill bit the diameter of a tea light, tea lights and a large sharp knife. Slice a sliver off the bottom for balance. Do the same for the top (stem) before drilling. A simple, natural and beautiful addition to your decor! (via Revel Blog)


14. Indian Corn Centerpiece. This centerpiece idea would look beautiful on your kitchen island, coffee table, buffet or as a dining table centerpiece. You will need Indian corn and fall foliage bundled together with heavy twine. The foliage is set in a galvanized bucket, the Indian corn can be glue gunned to the bucket to further secure. Prop the display on a rustic wooden tray. (via Welke)


15. Painted Acorns. To make these festive acorns, you will need to line them up on a foiled baking sheet. Bake on 170 degrees for two hours, then set to cool. To paint, you will need acrylic craft paints and a paintbrush. Hot glue any lids back on. Paint in varying shades of blue, green, orange and gold. Set them in a decorative container on your table, or affix to a place card at your dining table. (via Home Stories A to Z)


16. Cinnamon Stick Candles. To make this simple DIY, all you need is some white pillar candles, cinnamon sticks, rubber band, and some twine. Place a rubber band around the candle. Set cinnamon stick underneath the rubber band. Wrap twine around several times and finish with a bow. The heated cinnamon will make your house smell amazing on Thanksgiving day! (via Home Stories A to Z)


17. Bowl of Thanks Centerpiece Idea. A fabulous idea for celebrating this festive season. Have your dinner guests write down what they are grateful for on paper leaves. After they are finished, have them set their messages in a bowl filled with pears. This will remind guests of what this joyous holiday is really about! (via Good Housekeeping


18. Flower Pumpkin Arrangement. For this project, you will need a large pumpkin and seasonal flowers to set inside a glass jar filled with water. This would make a beautiful centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table. For more detailed instructions, click on the provided link. (via The Full Bouquet)

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