35 Clever ways to create functional and stylish small laundry rooms

You do not need a large and spacious home to create one of these stylish small laundry rooms, all you need is a fresh coat of paint and some ideas to better organize your space. We have put together an inspiring collection of images, from closet style laundry rooms to laundry rooms in your bathroom and ones that have their own space. These all have one thing in common, they are small and were once disorganized and in need of a makeover. They all feature functional storage ideas and ways that you can update your space to also make it attractive. Who says your laundry room can’t be both functional and stylish?

As a side note, we have featured another small laundry room collection in the past, 60 Amazingly inspiring small laundry room design ideas. Although this article has some fantastic ideas, it was missing something that got notated by a fellow reader. The question asked was, “where is the inspiration for top loading washing machines?” This planted a seed and inspired this article, which features several ideas for top loading washers, enjoy!

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-01-1 Kindesign

1. This industrial-chic laundry area was squeezed into a closet. A roll-out shelf offers a clean aesthetic when not in use, but can be used for folding and ironing when extended. Wood shelves are used for linen storage and can also be used to store laundry detergent. (via Designstorms LLC)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-02-1 Kindesign

2. Built-in cubbies above your washer/dryer provides functional storage. A countertop allows for space to sort and fold laundry. (via Haefele Design)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-03-1 Kindesign

3. The rod was installed using closet rod brackets attached between the cabinet and wall. Tip: To add an accent to the rod, find a set of three to five decorative hangers. A similar paint color would be Valspar’s Urban Jungle. A lamp was added to give the room more light. It is a basic lamp wrapped with twine around the shade. (via Home is Where They Love You)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-04-1 Kindesign

4. Transform your laundry room into a place of organization with these canvas bins from Steele Canvas to storage your laundry and other household items. The pendant light fixture is from Ikea and was spray painted gold on the inside and a mint green on the exterior. If you are not into DIY, similar light styles can be found at the Barn Light Company. The countertop and sink are also from Ikea. There is also a pull-out ironing board in a drawer next to the washer/dryer and the drawers above the laundry baskets are drying racks. The hardwood flooring is the Antique White from the The Chateau Collection by DuChateau. (via Brown Eyes Plus Blue)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-05-1 Kindesign

5. A closet was transformed into a laundry space. Features includes a small storage shelf above the dryer to hold laundry supplies. On the right side of the wall is an ironing board/supplies holder (you can find these at Bed Bath & Beyond). A clever DIY was flipping a 20-inch deep (with 20-inch support brackets) white wire shelf upside down and installing at an angle, which holds laundry baskets (you can find these at Lowes and Home Depot). (via Hold on to Your Hats)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-06-1 Kindesign

6. This blogger shows us a step-by-step tutorial on how to create cubby storage in-between your washer and dryer. (via Thrifty & Chic)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-07-1 Kindesign

7. Here we show you another DIY idea for your laundry room to create your own shelves above your washer/dryer for organization. This blogger also added a small shiplap wall to create a finished look below the shelves. Baskets helps to store loose items and keep your space looking visually clean when you do not have cabinets. You can find eye-catching baskets and bins from Target, Walmart (Better Homes & Gardens), Lowe’s (Allen +Roth), World Market, Michaels, The Container Store, West Elm, Pottery Barn, etc. (via Thrifty & Chic)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-08-1 Kindesign

8. The countertops are pure white quartz, while the backsplash is Onix Mosaico Stone Glass Blend Mosaic Opalo/Blanco 13.25 x 13.25, Fast Floors. The walls are Gray Owl, Benjamin Moore OC-52, while the cabinets are BM Cloud White. The floor tile is Porcelain Grigio Floor MT35R 12 x 24. The drying bar is a shower rod, which can be easily cut to size. (via Barlow Reid Design)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-09-1 Kindesign

9. Turn a wall or closet into laundry storage, as this space works well for top or front loading washer/dryers. The track was made by Hafele, installed in the framing before drywall. The handle is from Linnea, and the door has several layers of painted tongue and groove pine. This is a standard washer with a spin dryer. The closet was designed to hang clothes for drying. (via GO LOGIC)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-10-1 Kindesign

10. The washer and dryer are made by Electrolux. The backsplash features marble circles of varying sizes, 12″ x 12″ mesh backed. (via MJ Designs)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-11-1 Kindesign

11. If you are having needing a unique idea for where to place your laundry room, whether remodel or new build, try just off your master closet. A clothes hanger between the cabinets can be used for delicate clothes drying. The tiling on the floor adds a nice aesthetic detail to this space. (via Schrader & Companies)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-12-1 Kindesign

12. A small closet is converted into a laundry space. The stackable LG washer/dryer are 24″ wide, the opening is 24″ and the closet width is 30″ wide inside. A removable stop was installed to get the units into the closet. The water valves are behind the unit, accessible through an access panel in an adjoining closet. Electrical cords need to be long enough to attach outside the closet before pushing though the opening. The dryer vent is hooked up after the dryer is in place, through the access panel. (via Castle Building & Remodeling)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-13-1 Kindesign

13. This laundry room is roughly 6′ x 8′. If you are looking for a way to perk up your laundry room, bright white shiplap walls could be the option for you. Complete the aesthetic with open shelving for laundry supplies and a vintage-industrial-style canvas laundry basket. (via Rafterhouse)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-14-1 Kindesign

14. This compact laundry area has it all, washer/dryer by Frigidaire, a small sink with lower cabinets, countertop for sorting and folding, upper cabinets for storage and a small drying rack for hanging delicates to dry. (via Albert David Design)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-15-1 Kindesign

15. This laundry room features several DIY projects. This includes a rustic shelf that was designed to conceal a roughly 12″ gap behind the machines created by the dryer vent in the wall. Another project is a solution to conceal the faucet connections in the wall (the white box at the end of the washer). The dryer sheets are stored on a small basket on the rustic shelf to make access a breeze. Step-by-step tutorials can be found on the supplied link. (via Worthing Court)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-16-1 Kindesign

16. This laundry room remodel features a budget-friendly white cabinet in the center, complimented by open shelving on either side to keep this small space looking more light and airy. The melamine shelves are supported by concave trim around the edges which was nailed (and glued) into the wall. A smaller shelf was added above the washer/dryer to conceal the cords, but comes out easily in case any repairs need to be made. (via Craving Some Creativity)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-17-1 Kindesign

17. Another idea for those who have a top loading washer (this one is an LG), adding a small shelf above to create a more finished aesthetic and provide additional space for decorative elements. Here, a lamp, canisters for laundry soap and accessories provides the finishing touches on this DIY laundry room. Skinny stock cabinets and DIY shelves can easily be created by following the tutorial at the provided link. (Thrifty Decor Chick)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-18-1 Kindesign

18. The washing machine and dryer in this laundry are Kenmore Elite models. This room is also used as a storage and supply closet. Where wall-mounted shelving was constructed out of old scaffolding planks the couple purchased from a contractor (try Craigslist). The steel cart is a flea market find from the Rose Bowl. The walls and cabinets are painted in Sydney Harbour Paint Company’s Plaster of Paris. (via Matthew Williams for Remodelista)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-19-1 Kindesign

19. This small closet was converted into a laundry room, set behind bifold doors in a hallway between the dining and bedrooms. Using the already existing wood shelf unit, the space was given an update with a fresh coat of milk paint in Van Gogh Blue with a clear wax finish. Shelves are filled with seagrass baskets to conceal loose items, glass jars for detergent and clothes pins. A chalkboard sign graces the wall along with a Simple Human grocery bag dispenser. Even the old plate cover was updated to a satin nickel wallplate. (via Tidy Mom)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-20-1 Kindesign

20. If you don’t have a door on your laundry room (the doors were taken off your closet to make the washer/dryer fit, or the washer/dryer is in your bathroom) but would like to separate the space, consider a curtain rod and curtains. This adds a decorative element, which should flow with the decor scheme in your home and will conceal the space. The only thing they will not do is provide sound attenuation. A tension rod is the perfect selection as is an inexpensive curtain wire from Ikea. (via Natalie Sheedy Interiors)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-21-1 Kindesign

21. For those residing in apartments or with limited space, a laundry nook is the best option. A compact or stackable washer/dryer is the perfect space-saving option. A sliding barn door or a small hallway closet can be converted. Wall shelves with baskets and bins and between-machine storage bins can help with storage and organization. (via Whirlpool)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-22-1 Kindesign

22. This charming laundry space features a simple farmhouse style aesthetic with its collected accessories and homey appeal. Rather than store laundry necessities, they are on display and within easy reach. Set on shelves above the washer/dryer in stylish decanters, decorative baskets and vintage buckets.

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-23-1 Kindesign

23. This small laundry area had zero cabinets before the homeowners begun their renovation project. They added shelving and cabinetry from Ikea. The topiaries and flowers were picked up from HomeGoods. The wire baskets, frames, chalkboard and hamper are from the Better Homes and Gardens collection from Walmart. (via Lil Luna)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-24-1 Kindesign

24. This laundry room started as bare bones when the homeowners first moved in, even the flooring was a disaster. But the goal was pretty things up and add storage—with a total cost of $157! The walls were painted in Benjamin Moore Atrium White, while the ceiling is Benjamin Moore Butter Pecan. Behind the washer/dryer is stenciling. The cabinet was picked up at a yard sale for $20 and painted white.

The knobs got a coat of oil-rubbed bronze spray paint. Shelves were built and installed using scrap wood. The best part of this remodel has to be the laminate flooring! They were painted over in blue and white striping to keep on budget, check out the tutorial here. A wood drying rack was affixed to the wall on the righthand side. The light fixture is another DIY, a replica of the Ralph Lauren Dustin pendant, $440… DIY cost, $10! Here is the tutorial. (via View Along the Way)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-25-1 Kindesign

25. A small laundry room can work well with stacked washer/dryer for more functional space. The eye-catching cabinets were painted in Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue HC-143. Loving the farmhouse sink and open shelf with an integrated hanging bar for drying clothes. Perfection! (via T.S. Adams Studio, Architects)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-26-1 Kindesign

26. This laundry is complete symmetry and decorated in a beautiful coastal palette. Cabinet on either side of the space are complimented by a shelf in the center, decorated with basket. Love the farmhouse sink! (via Urban Grace Interiors)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-27-1 Kindesign

27. This laundry room is located in the bathroom, which originally had bi-fold doors that were removed to create extra space. The wall is pained in Sherwin Williams SW6469 Dewy and the trim is Extra White SW 7006. The hyacinth and wire baskets were purchased from the Container Store. The plastic bins are also from the Container Store, holding items that get less utilized. On the folding counter is a lazy suzan that holds the detergent, dryer sheets and a few spot cleaners. The laundry signs on the wall are from HomeGoods. Get the DIY Floating Shelves tutorial here. (via Four Generations One Roof)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-28-1 Kindesign

28. This entire laundry room is a DIY project, from the plank wall to the wood crates tucked underneath the washer/dryer to the farmhouse light and hanging ironing board rack. Get all of the tutorials to copy this entire space at the provided link. If you are not a DIY’er, you can get wood crates at Target and coat hooks to affix to your wall to hang up your ironing board for this same look. (via The Wood Grain Cottage)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-29-1 Kindesign

29. Design your own organized laundry closet with some simple wire racking you can find at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Floating wood shelves just above the washer/dryer makes getting important laundry items a breeze. (via Making Home Base)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-30-1 Kindesign

30. Cabinets grace either side of this laundry room, with open shelving in the center. The utility sink features a beautiful patterned fabric to coverup the unsightly plumbing. There was even space for a drying bar! (via Right Up My Alley)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-31-1 Kindesign

31. A laundry closet gets a functional makeover with some paint and wooden crates. Wooden crates from Home Depot were painted and nailed to the wall with a nail gun—both horizontal and vertical. Plywood was cut to the size of the space and stained to sit over the washer/dryer as a folding table. Pegboard was added to the left side of the wall for hanging supplies. Electrical tape was used to decorate the appliances. (via East Coast Creative Blog for The Home Depot Blog)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-32-1 Kindesign

32. The ideal thing about having your laundry be apart of your bathroom is that the pipework is already there. A laundry space works best when it can be concealed behind doors, whether bi-fold or a sliding barn door. This one features a washer/dryer combo to save space in a small bathroom, perfect if you didn’t have a laundry room in your home to begin with. Open shelves offers additional space for storage. (via Alvhem Makleri)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-33-1 Kindesign

33. This stylish laundry room remodel features a white subway tile backsplash, DIY cabinets and countertops and matte black penny rounds for the floors. Loving the leather and copper hanging rod! Get all the details at the provided link. (via Vintage Revivals)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-34-1 Kindesign

34. This small laundry makeover features walls painted in Sea Lily, Valspar. The pre-fab cabinet between the washer and dryer was from Lowe’s and received a coat of paint. The shelf above the washer/dryer was designed to conceal the cords. The vinyl wall decal was found on Etsy. (via Walls Under Construction)

Functional-Stylish Small Laundry Rooms-35-1 Kindesign

35. A closest was given a facelift, adding a wood shelf with linen baskets from Better Homes & Gardens (-$10 at Walmart). A small wicker basket set on the dryer offers the laundry detergent and dryer sheets for quick, simple access. A small lamp provides task lighting. The DIY laundry sign is a nice touch! (via Cherished Bliss)

**Tell us – How have you squeezed extra storage into your small laundry room? Let us know in the Comments below… and don’t forget to save your most favorite images on Pinterest and share this story in your social media!

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