Home in Madrid gets beautifully decorated for the Christmas season

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The main success of this beautifully decorated dwelling, which is situated along the outskirts of Madrid, adjacent to a park and a river, was the combination of aesthetic criteria with the needs of a large family with four young children. The howeowners, Carlos Arrigas is a painter and a photographer and his wife, an interior designer, created a cheerful home full of fun ideas!

The decoration of this vivacious and colorful home was planned according to family activities. The living room and kitchen with office were placed on the ground floor. The rooms are very spacious; enabling the home owner’s to create different atmospheres. There is also a professional studio where Carlos Arriaga paints and works.

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The first floor is smaller in scale and has been reserved for the bedrooms and bathrooms. The ground floor was designed in a practical manner with areas designated for the children’s toys and study materials without having to go to the upstairs level to locate them. A bookshelf with baskets in the living room as well as kitchen cabinets offers abundant storage space.

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Another important factor for the owner’s was to create an atmosphere of balance, harmony and well-being. Plenty of windows were designed into the facade of the home visually integrate the garden as an extension of the house. In addition, the residence was painted in light hues to enhance the airy feel. In this calm environment emerges an eclectic decor.

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Each piece of furniture and every corner comes with a small story to tell; an armchair which has been passed down through the family, a chest of drawers purchased on an unforgettable family vacation and a fun carpet chosen by the children.

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What We Love: This beautifully decorated home features unique decorations such as an original Christmas tree made with cardboard. Snowy whites are adorned with pops of color giving this holiday home a festive and playful vibe. A layering of textures adds wintery warmth and comfort throughout the interiors.

Readers, we hope you enjoy this beautiful holiday home, please let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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Photos: Mi Casa

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