Modern family home in New York boasts inner courtyards for privacy

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Designed by Bates Masi + Architects, this modern family home was conceived as four interconnected pavilions, nestled on a sprawling three acre property in Matinecock, New York. The homeowners desired to live is a suburban environment to raise their school-aged children. The community they selected is an early Quaker settlement, which also inspired the design of this home. Consisting of 6,340 square feet of living space, the dwelling features a series of modest gabled structures. Each of these faces into a courtyard for privacy from their surrounding neighbors.

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Each courtyard offers an experience of nature, blurring the boundaries between indoors and out. Every interior space connects to the outside on two sides. Each volume offers a sculpted roof that encourages natural light and ventilation into the heart of the structure.

The detailing of materials helps to further accentuate the central courtyard. Oak hardwood flooring and weathered oak ceiling boards radiate outwards from the center. “Weathered metal straps on the ceiling further emphasize this geometry and act as a device to organize lighting and audiovisual equipment throughout the house,” states the architects.

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What We Love: This modern family home uses a courtyard design to invite natural light and nature into the interiors of each pavilion. This results in an inward looking and contemplative home, which creates a delightful family living environment that is desirable to the upbringing of children… Readers, do you find this home warm and inviting? Please share your opinions on the design of this home in the comments below.

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The concept of the pavilion can be witnessed in the landscape. The structure’s massing is carved into the earth, creating a lower courtyard at the basement level. Retaining walls slope down, allowing light and air to penetrate into the lower level. Additionally, a sloped area forms a destination in the landscape where a grove of trees grow. This offers a contemplative spot, just like the interior courtyards.

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“The shingle coursing and pitched roofs reference the early Quaker settlement buildings in the area,” states the architects. The architects used a limited amount of materials to carefully accentuate the geometric massing of each pavilion. The shingles used on the roof are the perfect material, as they form to the tapering of the roofs compound pitches. At areas below grade bluestone is cut to the same size and shape and then applied in a shingled manner on the chimney to retain harmony.

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Photos: Michael Moran/OTTO

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