Mid-century modern dwelling in California gets flawless remodel

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This spectacular mid-century modern dwelling was recently renovated by Klopf Architecture, located in San Carlos, a city in San Mateo County, Northern California. Constructed in the 1960s, the prior owner of this home had concealed expansive walls of glass with plywood. They had also built an enormous awning behind the home, which obstructed light from penetrating into the indoors. This also impeded any indoor-outdoor connection that the home might have otherwise had.

The interiors felt dark and dingy, with spaces not connected to one another, a confined entryway and too many hallways. Despite these drawbacks, the new homeowners saw all of the potential this home could have. They made the purchase and commissioned the architects to help them transform this dwelling into a bright, livable space. The finished result is an open and spacious, bright and airy family home with an indoor-outdoor connection—catering to the lifestyles of two professionals and their young son.

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The architects devised a new floor plan, reconfiguring the main living spaces into a centrally located great room. This combines the kitchen, living and dining room spaces into an open layout. This space was once just the kitchen and living room. The architects also created a core utility space, encompassing a pantry, laundry room and mechanical room.

Project Team: Architects: Klopf Architecture / Landscape Design: Growsgreen / Structural Engineer: Sezen and Moon / Contractor: Starburst Construction / Landscape Contractor: Inside Out SF

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The new floor plan layout is open and airy, with an excellent flow between spaces and merges the boundaries between indoors and out. It also enables privacy from the street through the development of lush courtyards and fences that defines outdoor living spaces that act as buffer zones.

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To increase luminosity of the interiors, the architects updated the entryway. This was devised by creating a smooth outdoor-indoor transition. An existing gate was removed and the front door/entry area was opened with sidelites and clerestory windows.

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According to the architects, “the builders opened up the house to the studs throughout. They added new plumbing, electrical, radiant heat flooring, new roof, wall boards, windows, insulation—the whole house is practically new, yet built on the same footprint as the original.”

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The architects removed the plywood that was covering the original glass walls. To create a feeling of openness, they integrated expansive windows, long folding wall systems, and wide sliding glass doors. This helped create a seamless connection between the patios and courtyards to the interior living spaces. One has a sense of tranquility and relaxation spending time enjoying the interior or exterior living areas with verdant landscaping.

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Above: The kitchen and pantry features IKEA cabinetry with custom designed doors.

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Above: Skylights helps to draw natural light deeper into the interior of the home, providing enough light to decrease the homeowners need for artificial lighting. “It’s dramatic to track the sun coming in through the skylights and lighting up the kitchen on a sunny day,” states Klopf Architects.

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What We Love: The redesign of this mid-century modern dwelling showcases bright and airy living spaces filled with stylish furnishings and functional design. The design team did an amazing job of opening the interior spaces to the outdoors and creating luminosity. Loving the new interior layout, with a harmonious flow from one space to the next. While the outdoor areas provide beautiful decking, lush greenery and relaxing lounge spaces… Readers, what do you think of this mid-century transformation? Was the new design was a success? Tell us in the comments below.

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Above: Flooring tile by Daltile adds a stylish accent and creates a sense of consistency and flow from one space to the next.

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Above: At the rear of the home, the architects merged the old kitchen space with an existing family room to create a home office.

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Above: In the bedroom wing, the master bedroom suite was enhanced with the addition of a walk-through closet. This leads the homeowners to a spacious bathroom illuminated by skylights, positioned high above the vanities.

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“Even though the master bedroom faces the street, the landscaped courtyard by Growsgreen between the bedroom and the front fence makes it feel resort-like,” states Klopf Architects.

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The design team specified “timeless” materials on the exterior: plain smooth stucco, concrete, clear sealed western red cedar siding, and dark bronze anodized Western windows and doors.

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Photos: ©2016 Mariko Reed

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