Coastal chic living on mountainous seaside village in Costa Rica

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This coastal chic dwelling is by designer Beth Webb, located in Las Catalinas, a charming beach town on the Pacific Ocean in the Guanacaste Province of northwest Costa Rica. Surrounded by a tropical environment, this inviting home offers a clean, breezy palette full of luminosity. The designer was able to accomplish this by creating a refined palette of blues and whites, intermingled with heavy textures of woven chairs and rugs as well as handcrafted accessories.

The concept of this home was to accommodate hosting multiple families to vacation here, as well as stand up to the wear and tear of beach living. This home was combined with two adjacent houses, united by a private plunge pool and a sheltered cabana that forms a bridge. There are a total of seven bedrooms, two of which are master bedroom suites. To complete this home, the designer had to work with local fabricators, laborers and even workrooms to construct and upholster custom furnishings.

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The designer also sourced local art and accessories, all to eliminate the need to have item brought over via pricey shipping containers with customs limits. The biggest challenge for the designer was configuring the seating arrangements to create a sophisticated yet casual atmosphere. The spaces were narrow, which posed some design limitations. To maximize indoor-outdoor living, the main dining area was extended to the terrace and cabana area on the pool deck.

The formal living area feels expansive thanks to doors that open out to fresh ocean breezes. This abode was developed to really take advantage of its tropical climate, encouraging outdoor living, entertaining and relaxing. Stylized to feel like resort living, while focusing on the feeling of spaciousness and functional storage. The home needed to feel comfortable for both homeowners and guests alike. The key was to create a sense of intimacy for two visitors yet be spacious enough to host up to 18 guests.

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What We Love: The coastal chic dwelling provides a resort-like ambiance while still offering a sense of intimacy to its inhabitants. This is a lovely vacation home set in a one of the most beautiful tropical settings… it would be hard to leave here and back to reality! Loving the outdoor living spaces, the plunge pool looks very inviting and the cabana looks like a great spot to curl up with a book.

Readers, what do you think of this striking tropical dwelling? Would this be your ideal vacation home? Let us know why or why not in the comments section below.

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