A minimally designed home perched over the Teton Mountain Range

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Perched high above Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this minimally designed home by architects McLean Quinlan showcases views of snowcapped peaks of the Teton Mountain Range. The homeowners are mega-talented designers and played a large part in designing their home. After visiting and falling in love with this rugged landscape, they set out on a journey to build this spectacular pad. The architects worked closely with the homeowners to develop the design and feel of the home.

Highlights of the interiors includes the flooring in the mudhall and spa, featuring locally collected pebbles. The homeowners custom designed their own timber pull handles for the doors, as well as the benches and loungers that fill the interiors. There is a beautiful mix of European and American design influences throughout. Exposed fir rafters that were locally sourced are set nicely against the Danish Douglas fir floor.

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Walls are punctuated with Swiss designed windows, clad in rough brushed local Hemlock timber. The architects used a limited palette of natural materials and tactile elements. They were selected based on enhancements over time through the patina of use and age, all contributing to the ambiance of this home.

“Spaces inside are varied and each distinctly different. Downstairs, smaller rooms are intimate and inviting while upstairs larger airy spaces are interrupted by smaller nooks to pause and retreat to, always with a focus to the phenomenal views outside,” states the architects.

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As stated by the architects: “The main living space reinterprets the form of an historic settlers homestead – ‘Cunninghams Cabin’ – which stands in the valley below. A symmetrical layout of sheltered rooms sit to either side of a central breezeway. This breezeway space forms the main living area with a timber-lined ceiling, exposed rafters and large minimally framed windows opening onto projecting timber decks.”

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Above: A nook within the kitchen offers a quiet space to connect directly to the outside.

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What We Love: This minimally designed home showcases simple beauty in the materials in finishes, focusing more on the incredible surrounding views. Clean lines, makes for simple living and allows the structure to speak for itself. The heavy use of wood on the floors and ceilings adds warmth into this otherwise modern refuge… Readers, please share your thoughts on this modern mountain pad in the comments below.

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Above: A large double-sided fireplace is shared with an adjoining room.

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Photos: Peter Cook, David Angello

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