A Noe Valley townhouse remodel features LEED Platinum certification

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This contemporary townhouse remodel was designed by Feldman Architecture, located in the Noe Valley neighborhood of  San Francisco, California. The project entails the addition of expansive outdoor living areas, along with more private and personalized spaces. Even though the property is the largest on its block, the original structure did not fully maximize the spacious site. The home was also dwarfed by the houses next to it, making it feel crowded and constricted.

The renovation “opened the public spaces on the main floor, to the private bedrooms above with the use of natural light,” states the architects. A completely finished basement features a comfortable living area, which also receives direct light, courtesy of the home’s rear facade. Outside, a series of decks cascades into the property, enabling outdoor living spaces for each level. This also allows convenient access to the deck and garden below.

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On the interior of this spectacular townhouse remodel, “an 18 foot skylight and a 12 foot vertical window meet above the stairs to form a stunning waterfall skylight. This is complimented by a thicket of repurposed glass pendants at night, creating a light well that illuminates the entire home,” states the architects.

The architects have further divulged that, “through the careful selection of building materials, the implementation of an efficient heat-driven, radiant floor system, and prudent water management strategies including rainwater collection and a grey water system, this townhouse has achieved LEED Platinum certification.”

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What We Love: This striking townhouse remodel reflects plenty of character through its preserved details mixed with modern finishes. We love the dramatic design of the central stairwell and the updated exterior facade at the rear of the property. The addition of the shipping container with a green roof is a nice touch! The front of the dwelling showcases a beautiful display of preserved architecture, in keeping with the aesthetics of the neighborhood… Readers, what details in this renovation project stand out for you? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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Above: A main stairwell clad in Cyprus siding links each of the levels of the home, enabling natural light to illuminate the core of the dwelling.

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Above: The front of the townhouse was also remodeled, creating some fantastic curb appeal. Restored to its former glory, it showcases wood shingles, wood ornamentation and stained glass. The front door was painted a bright yellow, creating an inviting pop of color.

Photos: Paul Dyer

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