An extraordinary treetop dwelling with a sculptural staircase in LA

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This fabulous contemporary treetop dwelling has been designed by architectural studio Belzberg Architects, located in Los Angeles, California. Comprised of 13,900 square feet of living space, this spacious home is spread out over three levels. The exterior facade was designed to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding landscape. Constructed along a natural ridgeline, the long and narrow footprint is set atop a canopy of trees.

The forms of the structure were designed to mimic the site’s topography, creating visually dramatic angles. On the interior, a central focal point is a sculptural staircase, spiraling through all three levels of the home. This can be seen from the entrance of the home, functioning as a primary organizing element to the space. On the first level, is acts as a threshold into the open floorplan. On the second level, it divides the master bedroom suite from the children’s living quarters. It also helps to illuminate the basement level.

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The architects used walls sparingly, instead opting for a fluid flow between spaces. There is an uninterrupted visual connection between the dining, kitchen and living areas. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors helps to merge the indoors with out. The home offers complete privacy from its neighbors, as it is concealed from the street, while still maintaining a connection with its site. Angled limestone louvers and lush native plantings along the north facade helps to provide additional privacy.

The rest of the structure is open to the surrounding landscape thanks to expansive windows. The home is set at a generous distance from the property line to allow for additional privacy. A mature growth of trees below the dwelling also helps to provide a natural screen. The dwelling was designed to maximize the views overlooking the dense canopy of trees. “This offers a respite from the city life below,” states the architects.

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What We Love: This amazing treetop dwelling offers sweeping views of its natural setting, creating a tranquil atmosphere. The sculptural staircase provides a dramatic focal point of the home… and is nothing short of spectacular! We love the use of wood throughout, adding a touch of warmth to this otherwise modern abode… What are you loving about this home?

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Above: The master bedroom cantilevers over the tree canopy, featuring floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. The space is illuminated with natural light, while at the same time offering the homeowners spectacular views.

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Photos: Bruce Damonte

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past tense

you can design a house to look at it, or you can design a house to live in it. i would say this design tends toward the former. while the stairway looks nice, it is a practicality disaster. the reason why winding stairways are such a disaster is because it is inconvenient to have to change direction while going down a flight of stairs. aside from that, it’s a nice looking stairway. but there is a big difference between looking at a winding stairway and having to live with one.