Exquisite South Carolina farmhouse evoking a low country style

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This beautiful farmhouse style home was designed by Markalunas Architecture Group, located in the countryside of Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina. The exterior facade is characterized by a low country style—Southern architecture with a coastal flair. The home is surrounded by a natural setting, offering complete privacy. The light fixtures on the exterior of the home were sourced from Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights

The home is approximately 4,000 square feet of finished space — 2,900 main level and 1,100 upper level. There are four bedrooms and four-and-half bathrooms.

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What We Love: The design details of this four bedroom farmhouse are quite simply stunning. The the architecture to the light fixtures, everything seems to be carefully selected to perfection. We are loving the soaring ceilings in the living room and the mix of old and new throughout the home.

Readers, what are your thoughts on this home, any details stand out to you? Please share in the comments below.

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Above: The windows were sourced from PlyGem. The color is Dark Bronze. The doors were custom built for the project, comprised of Sapele wood.

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Above: The transom window was found at Scott’s Market in Atlanta. It is a salvage piece from an old building. Tip: Check local architectural salvage dealers to find something similar to this.

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Above: French Quarter Lanterns on Yoke Hangers by Bevlo illuminates the built-in bookcases that align either side of the brick fireplace. The brick on the fireplace is called Walnut Creek sourced from Statesville Brick. The ceiling height is 14′-7″ along the wall and almost 27′ at peak.

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Above: The beautiful chandelier illuminating the living room was sourced from Period Lighting.

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Above: In the kitchen, the range hood and open shelving on either side of the hood were designed by The Heirloom Companies. The countertop on the island is honed Carrara T marble.

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Above: The paint color in the bedroom is Sherwin Williams—Anew Gray SW 7030. The architect had the hue modified to be 30% of the normal pigment.

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Above: The countertops in the master bathroom is Statuary Classic Marble. According to Ann Sacks, “this selection is described as a brighter, semi-translucent white background color with a distinctive and dramatic veining pattern.”

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Above: A lovely covered porch features wood cladding on the floor and ceiling. The stain is a custom blend of a Minwax stain. This was a color match to a photo the homeowner provided to the architect. However, the architect suggests attractive color options of Provincial and Dark Walnut.

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Farmhouse Style Home-Markalunas Architecture-07-1 Kindesign

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Photos: Lisa Carroll

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Christy Love
3 years ago

what color paint is in the living room?

John Postiglione
3 years ago
Reply to  Christy Love

is it the same as living room

5 years ago

To whom it may concern,
I absolutely love this home and the color scheme. I am desperately trying to decide on the right metal roof colors for my home. Can you please tell me what color brown this is?
Thank you in advance for any help you could provide!

5 years ago

It’s a beautiful house with an awesome interior design

5 years ago

What kind of exterior siding and color

Allison Demere
5 years ago

Does this house have a metal roof? If so, could you provide the color and the company they used? Also, what type of wood was used for the shutters?

Nancy Boss
5 years ago

Love the house! any opportunity to see a floor plan?

Donna Roy
5 years ago

Beautiful home and garage! I would give it 10 plus!

Janine Snyder
6 years ago

I agree with the previous replies, how many sq feet, and are the plans available to purchase? The home is beautiful, and would love to build on our location.

Nancy Boss
5 years ago
Reply to  Janine Snyder

did you ever see a floor plan?

Mary Grace Faulk
6 years ago

Gorgeous! How many square feet is this house? Where can we find the plans/blueprint of this house?

Sarah Kathryn Garland
6 years ago

How many sq feet is this house? Is he plan available to purchase?