Minimalist beach home with dramatic views over the Atlantic Ocean


Designer Kelly Behun helped create this modern weekend retreat, a seaside escape for her family in Southampton, on the South Fork of Long Island, New York. The Hamptons is best known as a string of seaside communities that the affluent NYC residents visit for their summer holidays.

This exceptional home nestled along the coast features a series of glass and limestone pavilions designed by architects Brian Sawyer and John Berson of Sawyer | Berson. The exterior facade is comprised of stucco, while the interior of the pool lining consists of Indiana limestone. A beautifully landscaped yard features large boulders that were brought in from a local quarry.


The home is best described by the architect, “dramatic overhangs, large expanses of glass and a flowing open plan characterize this modern beach residence. The main house, pool, pool house and guest wing are oriented south to take advantage of dramatic beach views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.” Indiana limestone steps at the back of the property leads down to a lower level lawn behind the dunes. The home has convenient and private beachfront access.


The greatest challenge for the designer was to create a home of luxurious minimalism while still creating the feeling of a family home. When the designer and her husband originally purchased the property, there was already a modern home on the site. They decided that it was not in keeping with their vision. So the plan was to start from scratch and create their dream home.


Although the loggia consists of mainly designer pieces, one of the eye-catching ensembles happens to be sourced from IKEA—the colorful wicker stools (—$69). Another dramatic piece was designed by Kelly, the coffee table. The top is comprised of Macassar ebony, while the base consists of hand-cut mosaic ceramic tiles.

Another interesting feature are the area rugs set under the sectional sofas on either side of the room. The material is African raffia ceremonial cloths. The space perfectly frames the ocean, with walls of disappearing glass, blurring the lines between indoors and out.


What We Love: Although the seaside escape is very minimalist, it has a lot of character, adding warmth and charm to this family dwelling. There are a lot of unique features throughout, from the cool designer furnishings to the sculptural staircase and underwater views of the pool in the gym. The most spectacular feature of this home, the oceanfront views of course!… readers what is your most favorite design feature in this home? Please share with us, we love your feedback.

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Above: The walnut dining table in the kitchen was designed by Kelly, while the beautiful walnut slab bartop was custom crafted.


Above: The plaster staircase was custom designed, creating a dramatic aesthetic at the entryway of the home. Next to the staircase, Kelly sourced two five-foot rattan vases from a local store and stacked one upside down on the other. The flooring is walnut.



Above: The master bed and side tables are custom designed from bleached walnut. The area rug is goatskin. There are a total of seven bedrooms in the home, which includes a three bedroom guest wing. There is also a screening room and a home gym. A neutral palette helps to keep the interiors feeling serene and focus the attention towards the sea views.


Above: The deep soaking bathtub is comprised of French limestone. Mesmerizing views of the ocean makes this master bathroom a heavenly oasis.



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Above: A view of the bottom of the swimming pool can be seen from inside the gym.




Photos: William Waldron & Daniel Kukla

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