20+ Thanksgiving tablescape decorating ideas with natural elements


Its that time of the year to start planning your Thanksgiving tablescape and we have decided to feature some fabulous tables showcasing plenty of natural elements. These fall-inspired centerpieces are chalk full of DIY ideas and plenty of found objects to make holiday decorating very budget friendly. Remember, you do not have to use real pumpkins, you can always substitute with faux that you can use again next year! Today we have rounded up some of the most eye-catching table decorations infused with natural elements.

You will find such items as fruit, nuts, pinecones, berries, leaves, cornhusks, moss, succulents, air plants, pumpkins and burlap. You can begin by placing down a table runner and working your way out from there. Bowls or pieces of wood for a rustic look can be placed in the center and added to. Add candles for a more cozy aesthetic and some mercury pillars for a touch of glamor. Don’t forget the place settings, glassware, silverware and napkin rings! Have a look through our vast collection of stylish tables with plenty of tips on how you can get the look!

Note: All photo credits are at the bottom, numbered accordingly to their respective copyright holders.


1. A white tablecloth is used as a neutral backdrop for this natural scheme. A tray in the center is filled with pumpkins, pinecones and seeded eucalyptus. The natural napkin rings are a DIY, comprised of empty toilet paper rolls covered with burlap and finished with a stylized flower on top. The flower was made from pinecones and completed with acorn tops. Get the DIY tutorial here. A touch of glamor is added to the natural elements with mercury glass candle holders, some topped with small white pumpkins.


2. Wood slices used as chargers helps to infuse a natural look into this beautiful table setting. Pinecones and greenery are intermingled through mercury candle holders topped with pillar candles, creating a rustic-luxe aesthetic.


3. Want to design a Thanksgiving centerpiece that’ll stop guests in their tracks? Start by laying a store-bought moss runner down the length of your uncovered table to instantly bring the outdoors in. In lieu of a pricey flower arrangement that won’t last more than a day, pile pumpkins and gourds in a low serving platter and place in the middle of the table — there’s no easier way to bring  the feeling of fall to your dinner, and when the meal is over, all that produce is ready for more seasonal cooking.


4. This dining table is a combination of rustic and chic. This blogger selected an earthy, limited palette of white with accents of browns and greens. She made the tablecloth from a $10 full-sized flat sheet. The runner is a piece of burlap purchased from JoAnn and cut down to size. Champagne chargers and faux greenery were picked up from Michaels. The rest of the materials were found items, such as scraps from old aspen trees.


5. This blogger used a neutral backdrop for the dining table to highlight the pretty fall colors. A burlap runner was used for the beginning of the layering. Mercury candles add some warmth and glow. Natural elements were integrated into the scheme, such as leaves, cranberries, orange and white pumpkins. White plates reveal mini-pies wrapped with ribbons and a small leaf. Place cards can also be added to your decor scheme, written with a DecoColor Gold or Silver Marker.


6. For this Thanksgiving-inspired table, begin with a simple garland of fresh magnolia leaves, but you can infuse whatever you fancy. Adding to this natural scheme, try seasonal fruits and vegetables. Add some persimmons on a branch! White pillar candles also integrates well, adding to an intimate atmosphere.


7. Pumpkins and gourds are the main theme element decorating this table covered with a simple white tablecloth. Fresh sprigs of greenery adds color and naturalness, while pillar candles adds ambiance.


8. Place a large wooden tray in the center of your tablespace, adding festive elements to it. Add various heights of white pillar candles, complimented by natural elements of fresh fruit, gourds and wheat stalks.


9. There is plenty of layering going on with this Thanksgiving table. Natural elements includes items picked up from a craft store, a burlap table runner on the bottom complimented by a moss table layered on top. The candlestick holders also have moss on them. Log slices were added under each of the plates. Cornucopias are also filled with moss. Succulent napkin ring holders were placed on each of the plates. More details and tips on the styling of this table can be found here.


10. Real and faux elements decorate this holiday table. Leaves are spray painted with touches of gold. You can also add other natural items such as pinecones and berries. While beautiful flowers creates a stunning centerpiece. A rustic twig table runner adds to the natural scheme (get the instructions on how to make here). A chalkboard sign can be used as an added touch, whether it says “Happy Thanksgiving” or can be used to write down the menu plan to the delight of your guests. The chalkboard can also be mounted on your wall!


11. Three floral centerpieces were created by this blogger from her favorite place to buy flowers, Trader Joe’s. Copper striped white pumpkins are her signature creation, with instructions here. Arranged around the floral centerpieces are copper stripped candleholders (DIY instructions here) set atop birch pieces. The final layering was branches of seeded eucalyptus.


12. This adorable pumpkin centerpiece requires moss and succulents. You don’t even have to hollow out the pumpkins for this look! With a little DIY, you simply use a spray adhesive to create a moss hat on your pumpkins. Buy some succulents and hot glue gun them onto the moss. Be sure to mist your succulents with a spray bottle everyday (wait 24 hours after you first glue). To get the full instructions, click here.


13. A fallen tree log centerpiece creates a beautiful, natural look to your table. Use a drill bit (1.5″ diameter) to create the holes in the log for the tea lights. Add leaves (fresh or faux), gourds, small pumpkins, berries and pinecones for a fresh look.


14. A rustic backyard tablescape, perfect for those living in warmer climates! Rustic wood sliced chargers creates an eye-catching natural element. Napkin rings are small twig wreaths. The centerpiece features a burlap table runner, wood rounds topped with pillar candles of different heights and a variety of pumpkins.


15. A modern organic-inspired Thanksgiving table using air plants and glass terrariums filled with succulents. These items lends a fresh alternative to decorating with floral arrangements. Not to mention, they will last longer! This blogger also incorporated a vase filled with eucalyptus pods, which she says added a nice scent to their home. A deer antler was also added…utensils are from West Elm.


16. This Thanksgiving dining table is inspired by food. Takes minutes to create and will last for weeks! The table runner is cheesecloth. Add fresh bunches of seeded eucalyptus, white pillar candles and fresh red apples for a pop of color.


17. This table features an organic aesthetic, mixing green and white pumpkins and fresh fall florals. Some pumpkins can be hallowed out to use as vases for your flowers. Add cornhusks and wheat to compliment. If you are looking for a more rustic look, try weaving vines throughout the pumpkins. These can include: Russian Olive, Bay Leaf or grape vines picked from your garden. To add a formal feel to the table, incorporate candles and mercury glass pumpkins. The flatware is from West Elm.


18. Pumpkins and wood branches are the main element to this beautiful tablescape. White and blue-green pumpkins are alternated to create visual appeal.


19. This table is entitled “Enchanted Autumn” by its designer. This rustic-natural tablescape is chalk full of heirloom pumpkins and wood pillars to set varying heights of candles on. Card stock place card holders also feature wood pillars with slits in the middle. Chargers are also pieces of wood rounds (all the wood was taken from fallen trees on this countryside property). Notice how some of the pumpkins have been sprayed gold to add a touch of glamor? Lovely.


20. A table centerpiece filled with white pumpkins, silver antler candelabras, dried hydrangeas, chasteberry tree branches and birch bark. The natural elements were found objects, but you can purchase faux versions in a craft store if the real ones are not accessible to you. A burlap table runner completes the look.


21. “Count Your Blessings” is the theme of this bloggers tablescape. Featuring a cream colored burlap table cloth with hand painted lettering on the sides. You can essentially put any message you wish to convey in place of what the blogger has done here. A centerpiece of a large cornucopia, has indian corn, corn tassels, dried seed pods and varying sized pumpkins spilling out of it. Gold walnuts can also be seen scattered around the table. You can DIY this yourself by spray painting gold onto purchased walnuts.


22. What we love about this centerpiece is the creativity that went into creating it, such as the music note placemats. A wood tray was placed down in the center with added decor on top. Gray neutral tones and pumpkins were the theme. Gourds, hydrangeas, bleached pine cones and dusty miller plants (the silvery gray foilage) were added to the scheme.


23. This dining table centerpiece showcases a platter full of stacked pumpkins. Tetris anyone?


24. Inspired by wedding tables, this blogger selected a bay leaf garland that she had used in her Christmas display the year prior. It was draped across the tabletop as part of the centerpiece. A platter full of pumpkins is nestled in the center. Taper candles and tea lights adds elegance and ambiance.


25. Pumpkins galore are showcased on this Thanksgiving-inspired table. The white ones were picked from this blogger’s garden. She added fresh peaches for color. Rustic elements were added from a fallen tree on the property, cut up and drilled for holes to display candles. Cut branches add freshness to the table. One creative look is the open books used as placemats.

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