Ranch-style home transformed into dynamic space for energetic family

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An extensive ranch-style home renovation by John Lum Architecture took a very dysfunctional floor plan and reorganized it to cater to family living in Marin County, California. The interior layout is now open and spacious, perfect for a family of six with a large dog. The most substantial change to this project involved the relocation of the main entryway into the home. It is now located next to the garage, instead of either entering through the garage or via a garden staircase that leads around to a sloping front yard. A luminous new glass entry hall beckons guests inside, with an open-air pergola. An existing mudroom connects to this space, enabling kids to drop off all their sporting equipment and backpacks.

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Walls were torn down that had previously closed off the living and dining area from the kitchen and family room to create an expansive great room. An open and airy kitchen gets natural lighting from above thanks to a small skylight integrated into the ceiling. The kitchen opens to the enlarged family room, allowing for an easy flow between the spaces. Floor-to-ceiling windows illuminates the ranch-style home with natural light and gives unparalleled views of Mount Tamalpais.

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What We Love: This radiant ranch-style home offers an open and airy floor plan with clean lines and no-fuss materials and finishes; perfect for family living. Expansive windows helps to capture the beautiful wooded site and mountain vistas in the distance. A beautiful deck off the living area offers additional space for this large family and encourages outdoor living and play.

Readers, what are your thoughts on this home renovation? Do you like what the architects have done, would you do anything differently? Let us know!

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“The formal dining was re-centered on the “knuckle” of the house, justifying the bend in this otherwise rectilinear house; telescoping sliding doors and a raised ceiling emphasizes the spectacular axial view from this space,” states the architects. The deck was expanded from this space, enabling dining al fresco. The front yard is now more usable and has become an active play space for the four boys.

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The architects created two separate home offices; one for the husband just off the living room, and another off the kitchen. This convenient small nook was designed for both the wife and can be used as a workstation for the kids.

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The master bedroom suite was given a complete overhaul, with the addition of a spacious wet-room shower offering captivating views. All of the remaining spaces (kids bedrooms and recreation room) were carefully reorganized to save walls where possible, due to budget constraints.

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“The exterior architectural styling matches the original ranch style in keeping with the client’s desire to keep a quiet exterior (in deference to the budget), which fits the classic Marin County vibe,” states the architects.

Photos: Paul Dyer

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