Open and spacious loft designed for a bachelor in Poland

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This open and spacious loft of 1,829 square feet (170 square meters) was designed by the Polish architecture firm Cuns Studio, located near an old brewery, in the center of the city of Poznań, Poland. The loft was created out of pure design and originality, a continuous living environment without barrows, and with a functional and fresh distribution.

The owner of this comfortable and stylish pad is Tomek, a young professional in his thirties who had always dreamed of living in an open and spacious loft without borders. He took an inspiration cue for this project from his idol, the main character of the popular nineties tv series “Nash Bridges”.

The attic space was once occupied by a business, which fortunately had not been damaged as is typically the case with abandoned attics. All the same, it took some hard work to restore the loft space to its current condition.

The most challenging part of the project was restoring the original hardwood flooring as well as the roof timber structure and uncovering and cleaning the exposed brick walls. The loft was not partitioned off into separate living spaces to allow the homeowner and their guests to feel at ease.

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The architects have created a warm home despite maintaining visual continuity and openness of environments. The distribution has one bedroom and one bathroom, clearly separated from other spaces. A striking steel staircase leads to a mezzanine level where the owner can just relax and be. 

The designers have placed a hammock suspended in the rafters, a place to escape and relax. It supports the weight of several people! Here, listening to music or reading is a pleasure but the owner is so comfortable in this space, he even enjoys napping here.

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What We Love: The open and spacious design without barriers creates a fantastic living space for a bachelor to hang out and entertain large groups of friends. We especially love the hammock concept hanging from the mezzanine level, it’s a great spot to relax and unwind after a long day of work… and to take a nap!

Readers, what are your thoughts on this spacious loft design, could you picture yourself living here?

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The only space closed off to allow for privacy is the master bedroom, a refuge where the homeowner could fulfill another of his dreams, to “bath under the clouds”. To meet this challenge, the bedroom is completely open to the bathroom, where an elevated plywood platform reveals an elliptical bathtub and a suspended cloud-like light fixture hanging from above, adding to the magic of this cozy bedroom.

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Photos: Hanna Długosz

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7 years ago

This is an amazing space, and of course I’d live here! The only thing I’d change is converting one of the seating areas into an art-making space (easel, drafting table, etc.)