An Oregon home floats above a pond to connect with nature

Modern Family House-Cutler Anderson Architects-00-1 Kindesign

Located in Newberg, Oregon, this spectacular 1,440 square foot residence designed by Cutler Anderson Architects is on the AIA (The American Institute of Architects) recipient list for its 2016 housing awards. The property also includes a 550 square foot guesthouse, sited on an overgrown, rural landscape with a man-made pond in an area of the homeowner’s farm that was unable to grow crops. The clients wish was to create a strong emotional connection to the surrounding landscape. The residence is positioned on a more expansive part of the farm surrounded by mature growth forest.

The goal of the design project was to have both residence and pond be united as one, where the home essentially floats above the water. With the home creating a bridge-like effect, this helps the inhabitants to enjoy and connect with the wild creatures that both live in and visit the water. The site plan was designed so that visitors to the residence would park their vehicles 150 feet away, having to trek their way through the forest to get to the main entry. Visitors have to cross a bridge that connects to the home, offering them more of an experience. The pond only becomes visible when the front door is opened.

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Here is what the AIA judges had to say about this fabulous home design:

“Elegant design demonstrates joy of living with nature – not requiring a grand vista or dramatic landscape.”

“Thoughtful siting as bridge over pond, elegantly detailed.”

“Simple, clean proportions, warm wood interiors.

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Modern Family House-Cutler Anderson Architects-002-1 Kindesign

What We Love: This Oregon home shares with us a true connection with nature, where the homes inhabitants are surrounded by forest and water and provides a great joy in doing so. With extensive use of glass, it helps this home to merge with its environment and feel open and airy despite its size. We found this home to be a true joy to experience, how about you?

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Photos: Jeremy Bitterman and Carey Critchlow

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Stacey Purcell
1 year ago

I think this is an extraordinary place. The pond, the surrounding lushness is quite magical. The home sits quietly amidst nature’s beauty. Love it!

Bob Dewolf
4 years ago

Lovely home, but really boring pond.