Luxurious modern home overlooking the Los Angeles skyline

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DTM Interiors is responsible for the interior design of this beautiful modern residence perched on a mountain overlooking downtown Los Angeles, California. The designer transforms ordinary homes into extraordinary homes, being in high demand all over LA County for not only designing interiors, but also home staging high-end homes to sell faster in the real estate market. The designer has a luxury chic aesthetic that is exemplified in the homes that she has in her extensive portfolio. This home is one of those, showcasing an open plan design with soaring ceilings and extensive windows that capture natural light and fabulous city views. Stylish furnishings are comfortable and inviting, arranged to keep conversation engaging between the living room and kitchen. This home is all about clean lines and pared down, minimal furnishings, catering to a fast paced lifestyle where high style and effortless living are essential.

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A floor-to-ceiling modern fireplace is the focal point to this living room, but the view is what really steals the show. Built-ins on opposing sides of the fireplace offers great places to showcase art and decor pieces to add personality to the space. Closed storage offers functionality while keeping clutter at bay.

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What We Love: Simple, clean lines, smooth transitional spaces and hardwood flooring running throughout makes this home very livable and easy to entertain in. For anyone wanting a more low-maintenance, laid back lifestyle, this home has everything to fit that bill, coupled with some added luxury… not to mention its fantastic location with views over LA, not hard to take! Would this be your idea of a dream pad? Why or why not, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Photos: Courtesy of DTM Interiors

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