Attic transformed into a stylish loft in Madrid

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What was initially a compartmentalized attic has been transformed into a spacious loft with an open floor plan by designer Jorge Varela, located in Madrid, Spain. The reform had many possibilities, which included designing a more practical interior layout that suits the lifestyle of its habitant, which is Varela himself.  The project had two premises: eliminate unnecessary partitions and bring light into every corner. With only 861 square feet (80 square meters) to work with, the designer wanted to take advantage of all usable space by incorporating horizontal windows in the walls and integrating spaces through color and material. After the renovation, the attic was converted into an open living room, dining room, kitchen and office area with access to the terrace, an oasis in the city. Only the bedroom maintains a partition which isolates the dining-room and bathroom, completely independent. Throughout the interiors is dark hardwood flooring, offering simplicity and a nice contrast with the white walls. Red area rugs helps to delineate spaces and offer visual interest, texture and color.

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To maximize work space, shelves were made both in the study area and in the bedroom, to avoid saturating the spaces with furnishings. Hanging lights are featured throughout except for the dining room where minimalist spotlights were installed. By being open to the living area, the bedroom decor was integrated into the whole, while a red area rug was placed next to the bed. A step defines the room and raises the level of this space. Its decoration acquires a certain level of sophistication by the presence of a golden screen in front of the bed.

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What We Love: The bright punches of color in the area rugs adds some nice dimension and vivaciousness to the loft space. Simple yet stylish furnishings creates a nice, comfortable space to live, catering to a more minimal and clean lifestyle. What are your thoughts on this loft renovation? Let us know in the comments section below!

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The designer wanted to promote the use of the terrace, a jewel outdoors in the city, by making access directly with the living area. This space, decorated with teak tables, houses a collection of trees, plants and flowers, a piece of landscaping sneaks into the bathroom through sliding glass doors.

Photos: Mi Casa

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